In case you are looking out for instructions on making rugs, this article will serve your needs perfectly. Read on to know how to make your own rug.

How to Make Your Own Rug

Rugs have been used to adorn the homes of people since ages. They help impart a warm and welcoming feel to any room and form an important of the overall décor. However, it is not always necessary to buy a rug from the market only. You can easily make one at home and adorn your room with the same. In case this idea appeals to you, do read the following lines. The instructions given therein will help you know how to make your own rug.
Making Rugs
Supplies Needed
  • Fabric
  • Strong Needle
  • Strong Thread
  • Nail or Hook on a Board
  • Scissors
  • The first step that you will need to take, in order to make a rug, is to choose fabric for the same. For the purpose, keep the overall décor (of the room in which the rug is to be kept) in mind. Cotton, wool fabric, quilting fabric and even calico make up some of the best choices. You can go for one solid color as well patterns or even varying colors in the fabric.
  • With the help of scissors, cut the fabric into long strips, each of them being two to three inches wide. In case you are using a thick fabric, like wool, reduce the width a bit. The next step will require you to fold the strip in half, after you have folded-in the edges of each strip. If you want, you can sew together the folded edges, to maintain the folds.
  • Now, take three of the fabric strips and stitch their ends together, in order to make a braid with the strips. However, before starting the braiding process, anchor the end to the nail or hook on a piece of moveable wood. In case you don't have such a board, you can also hold the end between your toes.
  • As the next step, you will start braiding the fabric strips together, while making sure that the fabric edges get folded in just the right way. For the purpose, cross the right-hand fabric strip over the middle strip and thereafter, pass the left-hand strip over the new middle strip. Continue with the procedure till you reach the end of the fabric strips.
  • You will, now, add new fabric strips to the braided ones, by stitching diagonally across the ends of the latter. Make sure to use a diagonal stitch, rather than a straight one. Otherwise, you might end up with thick bumps in your rug. Keep on braiding, adding new strips, till you have a braid long enough to make the rug. Remember to stitch the ends neatly together and cut off any excess fabric.
  • Take the needle and thread it with a strong thread, for the purpose of sewing the rug together. Fix the thread to the beginning of the fabric braid. Turning the fabric braid back on itself, push the needle through the side of two of the fabric loops, in such a way that it attaches the braids to each other. The threading should be done near the bottom side of the edge of the braid. This way, the stitching will not be noticeable.
  • Keep on turning and stitching the braid, until the rug is ready. In the final step, you will be required to turn in the stitched end of the fabric braid, in such a way that it falls flat against the edge of the rug. Thereafter, you will have to stitch it securely to the braid layer underneath it. Finally, weave in the end of the thread and cut off any excess fabric. Your rug is now ready to be used.

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