Borax has been known to have a large number of household uses. In case you want to explore different uses of borax, the information given in this article will suffice.

Uses For Borax

Borax can be described as an important boron compound, apart from being a mineral and a salt of boric acid. Known by a number of other names, such as sodium borate, sodium tetraborate, or disodium tetraborate, the compound is of a powdery texture and white in color. Borax comprises of soft crystals, colorless in nature and capable of being dissolved easily in water. The compound finds itself being used in a number of ways, such as a buffer solution in biochemistry and an anti-fungal compound for fiberglass. In case you want to explore the uses of borax further, the information provided below will certainly be of help to you.
Different Uses Of Borax
  • Borax finds one of the main uses in treating stubborn clogs in the drain. For the purpose, all you need to do is put 1/2 cup borax into the drain, through a funnel, followed by 2 cups of boiling water (slowly). Let the borax and water settle in the drain, for 15 minutes. Thereafter, use hot water to flush the drain once again.
  • If you feel that the sink in your kitchen, whether stainless steel or porcelain, is getting burdened by stubborn stains, even rust, borax can surely come to your help. Put 1/4 cup lemon juice in 1 cup borax and mix well, to form a paste. Making use of a cloth or sponge, rub the paste onto the stain and then rinse with running warm water.
  • Be it the panes of your windows or the mirror in your bathroom, borax can be used to clean almost all glass surfaces. For the purpose, all you need to do is dissolve 2 tablespoons borax in 3 cups of water. Stir the mixture well. Take a clean sponge, dip it in the borax solution and rub the windows/mirrors with it. Wipe with a damp sponge.
  • How often have you had to throw away new clothes because they had been stained by mildew? Not anymore! You can make use of borax to remove mildew from fabric as well. For the purpose, make a solution with 2 cups borax and 2 quarts (liters) water. Using a sponge, rub the solution into the affected areas. After letting the solution settle in the fabric, for a few hours, rinse it well and let it air-dry.
  • In case you are suffering from the problem of stubborn stains on rugs and carpets, borax will prove to be one of the best solutions for the same. Dampen the stained area and rub some borax powder onto it. Now, leave it undisturbed for sometime and dry. Blot the area with a solution of equal parts vinegar and soapy water. Again, let it dry and then rinse off.
  • For all those who are beseeched by the problem of weeds and ants, borax will prove to be the perfect solution. Sprinkle borax into all the crevices from where you find the weeds coming out. Borax can also be applied around the foundation of your home, to keep ants and other insects at bay. However, you need to remember that the compound is toxic to plants.

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