If you want to know how to do desert landscaping, check out the article. With the ideas given here, you will know how to grow healthy plants by adopting the method of desert home landscaping.

How To Do Desert Landscaping

Desert landscaping is one of the contemporary forms of landscaping, which has gained immense popularity in the recent times. Popularly known as 'going green landscaping', this method generally makes use of desert plants, thereby saving a lot of water, otherwise used for irrigation. It is a type of landscaping prevalent in desert areas or those places wherein planting and maintaining a beautiful, flowering garden seems to be a challenging task. Apart from the desert plants, you can also make use of the plants that are native to your place and require very less water to thrive. If you want to know how to do desert landscaping, this article will be handy. Go through the following lines and get some desert home landscaping ideas.
Desert Home Landscaping Ideas 
  • Browse through magazines and the Internet, to get some ideas about what style you want for your desert landscape. Consider the space available and the money you want to put into the project, while taking a decision.
  • Generally, draught-tolerant plants are chosen for desert landscaping. Such plants are accustomed to dryness as well as receiving tremendous amount of sunlight. Cactus, lamb's ear plant, long-wood blue bluebeard (shrub), hens and chicks plant and aloe vera are some of the sun plants that can be chosen for this type of landscaping.
  • Irrigation is an aspect that should be handled tactfully, when you are doing desert landscaping. Drip irrigation system, which requires minimal amount of water, is best suited for this landscape.
  • Wind is a factor that can directly affect the growth of plants in your desert garden. Plants can be easily blown away by high wind speeds. Therefore, it is vital to create a barrier, say partition walls, in order to redirect the wind away from the plants, so that they grow uninterrupted.
  • Group plants according to their needs of irrigation. Make use of slopes to provide a runoff area for rain, so that the plants that need the highest concentration of water are irrigated well. This will save a lot of water as well, because irrigation will be done according to the needs of the plants.
  • Plant the flowers and trees before putting the rocks and gravel. You can, in fact, soften the sturdy appearance of the rocks by surrounding them with desert plants.
  • Desert landscape is an economical way to grow plants. This is because apart from the less requirement of water, the fertilizers and nutrients used for desert landscape are also cheap.

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