Vinegar is an excellent cleaning agent, which is largely avoided by people due to its strong scent. Learn how to make vinegar smell better, with the steps given in the article.

How To Scent Vinegar

Vinegar, an acidic liquid made from fermentation of ethanol, is widely used for culinary as well as cleaning purposes. It is used to enhance the taste of many dishes and used as a preservative, to increase the shelf life of pickles. As far as cleaning is concerned, vinegar is one of the best products for removing tough stains. The acetic acid present in the product removes tough stains from clothes, effectively. However, the excellent cleaner is turned down by many people, because of its unpleasant, strong and harsh smell. If you are one of those, who avoid vinegar for this reason only, help is at hand. The smell of vinegar can be masked by combining it with herbs such as oregano, mint, lavender and thyme. Go through the instructions given in the following lines and learn how to scent vinegar.
How To Make Vinegar Smell Better
Things Required
  • White vinegar
  • Dried Herbs - oregano, lavender, mint and thyme
  • 2 Glass Bottles
  • Strainer
  • Water 
  • Vinegar should be stored in a clean bottle, free of bacteria. Hence, the bottles, in which you are going to store the chemical, should be sterilized thoroughly. Sterilize the glass bottles by submerging them in boiling water, for about 15 minutes. This will kill the bacterial already present in the bottle. Now, dry the bottles completely.
  • The next step is to crush the dried herbs and put them into the first glass bottle. Remember, you don't have to grind the herbs. All you need to do is crush them with your hands, so that the leaves and petals of the herbs release the scent that is required for masking the odor of vinegar.
  • It is the time to add vinegar to the herbs. Pour the liquid slowly into the bottle.
  • Now, seal the bottle by placing the stopper on it. Make sure that you have made the container air-tight.
  • Shake the bottle well, so that the vinegar and herbs are combined well.
  • Store the bottle in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, for about fifteen days. By doing this, you will allow the vinegar to absorb all the scent from the herbs.
  • After fifteen days are over, test the scent of the mixture. Open the sealed bottle and sniff. See whether the strong odor of vinegar has been masked by the aroma of the herbs, completely, or not.
  • If you can smell the scent of the herbs cleanly, it means that the vinegar has been scented thoroughly.
  • If the pungent smell of the vinegar is still there, store the bottle for a few more days.
  • It is the time to strain the vinegar-herbs mixture, using a strainer. Pour the strained mixture into the second glass bottle.
  • Seal the bottle with the cork and store it in a cool, dark and dry place. Ensure that the container is air tight. 
  • Replace the cap of the scented vinegar bottle, so that the aroma of the herbs remains intact.

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