Improve the appearance and functionality of your house by making the most of your mudroom. Read the article for some budget friendly ideas on designing and organizing your mudroom.

Mudroom Ideas

Do soiled clothes and dirty shoes turn your spick-and-span house into a muddy retreat? If your answer is yes, then what you need is a mudroom. A mudroom is a small room or entryway in a house, where the wet or muddy footwear and clothing can be removed. Mudrooms act as buffer between the indoors and outdoors and is designed to handle dirt and grime. While traditionally mudrooms were used only to store wet clothes and muddy shoes, today, you can also use them for storing sports equipment, seasonal clothes and other rarely used items. In case of region with snowy and damp climate, a mudroom can be a useful addition to keep the house neat and tidy. The mudrooms are usually located towards the back entrance of the house. A backyard or side door may lead to the mudroom. Read on to get some designing ideas on how to make the mudroom appealing yet functional.  
Mudroom Design Ideas
You can place a bench, chair or stool in the mudroom which can be used while removing shoes. Clothes rack is also an essential item. Wet clothes can be hung on clothes rack, while they dry. Ideally the mudroom and laundry room should be kept separate. However, if your mudroom doubles as a laundry room, then you can also include an ironing board in the room. You will also need to tuck in washer and dryer in one corner. An umbrella stand and a utility sink to wash the mud off the shoes are also essential add-ons for your mudroom.
Custom cabinets are definitely a good idea, because they can be designed according to your specific requirements. However, pre-made wooden cabinet are a cheaper option and work just as well. If you live in a house with open floor plan, then you should prefer closed cabinet, so that your house looks tidy and organized. If, however, the mudroom is located at the back entrance, you can get away with open cabinets. Cabinets with roll-out compartments let you utilize every inch of available space. Create separate space for shoes and clothes. The place remains more organized if every family member is assigned a particular area for storage in the mudroom.
Mudroom is a heavy traffic area, so it’s advisable that the floor should be of durable material. For safety sake, it should also be slip-resistant. Textured rubber or ceramic unpolished floor tiles can be a good option for the floor. Vinyl floor covering also works well for mudroom. It is water-resistant, easy to clean and economical as well. Choose dark color for the floor to camouflage the dirt. You can even place multiple doormats at the entrance to keep the dirt at bay.
Vinyl wallpapers are a chic option you can explore for covering the walls. Not only is it easy to clean, but it also adds color and pattern to the room. Another option that you can employ is the high gloss paint. Repaint the room as and when required. Avoid using boring tints of brown, grey or cream when you can use vibrant and energizing colors to add personality to this room. For baseboards, vinyl cove is a low maintenance and cost effective option. Add a mirror to one of the walls. It will make your mudroom appear larger and more spacious.

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