Removing a burn mark from your carpet is not an easy task. However, with the help of the tips given here, you will be able to know how to remove the burn marks of your rugs, in no time at all.

How To Remove Burn Marks On Rugs

Your mood is sour after a late night house party. And not just because of a bad hangover and litter, but also because your precious carpet has been ruined. Somebody left a burn mark on your valued rug. A carpet is generally very susceptible to burns. Cigarette, candle, curling rods, iron, and innumerable other things can ruin your carpet for good. However, instead of throwing it away or rolling it to the back closet, you need to explore the various methods by which you can remove the burn marks from your carpet. The removal process is not only easy, but cost effective as well. Want to know more? Go through the following lines and explore tips on how to remove burn marks on rugs.
Removing A Burn Mark From Carpet 
  • A small burn mark can be removed with the help of a disposable razor. Just razor out the area and level it by grazing around the burnt area.
  • If your rug is very fluffy, cut a little fur from the area that is hidden or out of sight. After you have cut enough, paste the carpet fibers over the burned area, with the help of super glue. Secure the fur, by keeping a heavy object on it. Leave it overnight and find your carpet as good as new.
  • Take sandpaper or steel-wool scouring pad and rub it over the burn marks, until the singed fibers are no longer visible. Now, with the help of a whiskbroom or a vacuum cleaner, brush the area properly. This will help you get rid of the burn.
  • You can also remove the burn mark with the help of a carpet shampoo and soda water. Use the mixture to soften the fibers. After they have softened, cut the tip of the burnt area, with the help of a razor. If the burn mark is still there, cut some fibers from another old rug, of the same color. Stick them to the carpet, with the help of an adhesive spray. Now, use a blow dryer to help it stick firmly.
  • You can also use a liquid shoe polish to remove the burn mark. Use a shoe polish that comes in a variety of colors. Buy it in the color of your rug. Cut the burnt tip of the carpet and then dab the polish over the area. Blend it with the help of an old cloth. Use the polish a few more times, the burnt area matches the other parts of your rug.
  • If your carpet is made of wool, you can rub it with a silver coin. However, this method works only when you have a very small burn.
  • You can also use a cookie cutter to cut out the burnt section. Cut a small part o the carpet, from an area that is hidden or out of sight and use double-sided tape to cover the cut-out part. You can also use thread of the same color as the rug, to patch it up.
  • A concoction of five parts water with one part hydrogen peroxide is also helpful in removing burn marks from the carpet. Apply it generously on the burnt area and let it stand for fifteen minutes. Now, blot up the remaining solution with cotton or an old cloth.
  • If nothing works, don’t hesitate to take professional help. Ask your carpet manufacturer for best recommendations. You can also hire professional carpet cleaners to repair the burn marks.

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