Have you ever given a thought to different ways of reusing old newspapers, rather than throwing them in the recycling bin? If yes, then go through this article and know how to reuse newspaper.

How To Reuse Newspaper

In the present day world, where internet and television have become the source of news for majority of the people, newspapers have become almost obsolete. There is only a small section of people that still prefers to read the newspaper in the morning, along with a cup of tea/coffee. In case you belong to the minority, then you must also be encountering the problem of an ever-increasing mess of old newspapers. Rather than throwing them in the recycling bin, why don't you try to use them on your own? How? We will tell you how! Just go through the following lines and know how to reuse newspaper.
Ways To Reuse Old Newspapers
Cleaning Glass
One of the best uses of newspapers involves cleaning glass, be it in the form of mirrors, windows, TV screens or computer monitors. All you have to do is prepare a mixture with one part vinegar and one part water. Crumple up a newspaper in the form of a ball and soak it in the mixture. Squeeze out excess moisture, leaving the paper just damp. Moving in a circular motion, use this newspaper to clean the glass and then wipe with a dry piece of newspaper.
Floor Maintenance
If you want to maintain your floors and keep them shining always, lay down some pages of the newspaper near the entrance. Whenever someone steps on it, the newspaper will absorb moisture from rain or snow-covered boots and protect your floors, leaving them clean and glowing. You can also use newspapers to dry out wet boots. Crumple the newspaper, to form a ball, and stuff it inside the boots. It will absorb all the moisture and aid the drying process.
Making Seeding Pots
Yet another use of old newspapers comes in the form of seeding pots. For the purpose, you will have to catch hold of a straight-sided jar. Using the jar as a mold, wrap the newspaper it. Thereafter, fold the tails of the newspaper into the base. Now, remove the jar and fill the newspaper pot with soil. Your seeding pot is ready to be used.
If you are one of those who prefer to save their grass clippings for composting, old newspaper would prove to be quite useful. All you have to do is to cut a few sheets of the newspaper into strips and add them to the grass clippings. The newspaper will compost quickly, in no time at all, absorbing the awful smell that results from composting grass clippings. You can use the method even for storing the clippings, until they can be picked.
Starting A Fire
Do you have a fireplace in your house? Then, you must be aware of the difficulties faced, while starting the fire in winters. Not any more! Newspaper can prove to be a great starter for your fire. Make some balls, by scrunching up a few sheets of the newspaper. Now, place these balls in the fireplace, along with the piles of kindling. Light a match to the newspapers. As they begin burning, they will provide a start to other kindling as well.
Other Uses 
  • You can line your kitty litter box or kitchen garbage can with newspapers. They will absorb the unpleasant odors as well as the excess moisture. 
  • Lining the vegetable drawers in your fridge with newspapers helps reduce any smells originating therein.
  • Whenever you are painting your house, cover the floor with newspapers, to avoid spoiling it with paint.
  • You can use newspaper to wrap gifts as well as parcels. For instance, use the cartoon section to wrap the presents for kids.

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