A number of treatments for flea bites are effective in reducing the itchiness caused by the insect. Go through the article and learn how to get rid of flea bites.

How To Get Rid Of Flea Bites

Do you find an insect piercing into your skin and sucking your blood, whenever you stroll through your garden? If yes, then watch out of an infestation of flea in your yard. Flea is a flightless insect, which forms a small, red, slightly raised spot, with no swelling and triggers intense itchiness, immediately after attacking its 'victim. It normally bites on legs and ankles. Flea bite is not just confined to pet (predominantly dogs and cats), rather affects humans as well. Find out how to get rid of flea bites, with this article.
Treatment For Flea Bites
For Humans 
  • Soak a cotton ball in astringent and clean the affected area with it. The chemical in the astringent will heal the scar caused due to flea bite.
  • You can make use of tea tree oil, to soothe and cleanse your skin, where the nasty insect has bitten. Dip a cotton in tea tree oil. After washing the affected area with water, smear the soaked cotton on it.
  • You can also treat yourself immediately after a flea bite. Apply an antiseptic soap or lotion and then wash the area with water. Make use of cold water, because hot water stimulates itching. Next, place an ice pack directly on the bite. This will help reduce the swelling and itching sensation caused due to flea bite.
  • Apply a topical cream, consisting of calamine, menthol or camphor, on the affected area. The cream might take few minutes to show its effect, but it would help a great deal in reducing the itchy sensation, due to the bite.
  • Banana peel is an instant itch remover and a great home remedy for flea bites. Immediately after a flea bite, dab the banana peel on the affected area. Within a few seconds, the itching will stop. 
For Pets 
  • For flea bites on pets, apply flea powder on the affected area. After applying the powder, bathe your pet. You may make use of flea soap, in case some remnants are still left on the skin of your pet. Rinse your pet with water and then apply the soap. Wait for a few minutes, to allow the soap to soak into your pet's body, especially the affected area. Now, rinse your pet thoroughly with water.  
  • To prevent the fleas from attacking your pet again, bathe your pet with water, towel-dry it and then apply a mixture of 600 ml water, two drops of lavender essential oil and two drops of cedar essential oil. This will soothe the affected area and help prevent the flea from returning.
  • In case your cat is suffering from acute flea bite, spray a mixture containing equal parts of water and white vinegar on it. Wait for a few minutes and then rinse your pet with water.
  • Apply concentrated aloe vera juice on the affected area. The soothing effect of aloe vera will help promote healing and reduce itchiness as well.

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