Want to know how to grow your own indoor garden? Go through the indoor gardening tips given in this article and get all the necessary details.

Indoor Gardening Tips

With the rising population, limited land and increasing real estate prices, the concept of flats and apartments has caught on. While they surely provide you with a roof of your own, flats and apartments make you devoid of the greenery that can be had in your own bungalow. So, what’s the next best thing to do? Simple, bring the garden indoors! In other words, start having indoor plants. In case you are apprehensive about the whole concept, check out the indoor gardening tips given below. They will surely put you at ease.
How To Grow Your Own Indoor Garden
Appropriate Containers
While buying containers for your indoor plants, keep in mind the fact that they need to have proper drainage holes on their surface below. In case you can't find such containers, buy the normal ones and make holes yourself. In absence of drainage holes, the water will not drain out of the soil and harm your plants.
Proper Sunlight
Plants, whether grown indoors or outdoors, need adequate amount of sunlight to survive. So, make sure that you keep your indoor plants at such a place where they get enough sunlight. In case this is not possible, keep the plants outside for a few hours, in the morning, and then have them inside for the rest of the day.
Regular Rotation
It is always advisable to go for plants that need medium to low light, for indoor purposes. At the same time, remember that majority of the plants have a tendency to get inclined towards the light source. If you want your indoor plants to grow straight, it is necessary to rotate them on an occasional basis.
Adequate Water
Next to sunlight, it is the water needs of a plant that you need to take care of the most. Always use room temperature water for your indoor plants. The best rule to keep in mind, while watering, is that too much dryness as well as too much wetness are both bad for the plants.
Occasional Shower
Over time, dirt, dust and grime tend to settle on the leaves as well as the stem of plants, making them look dull and listless. It is very important for you to bathe the plants on an occasional basis, say by using the spray attachment of your hose pipe. Make sure to be gentle while showering the plants.
Lots Of Fresh Air
Just as plants cannot survive with proper sunlight and water, they also need lots of fresh air to grow well and remain healthy. Keep them away from smoky or stagnated air. Rather, place them near a window or a door or any other place that receives proper ventilation.
Right Amount Of Fertilizers
You need to fertilize the indoor plants on a regular basis, especially when you water them. This is because every time you water your plants, some of the essential nutrients in the soil get flushed out. So, it is advisable to use a liquid fertilizer in small amounts, whenever you water the plants.

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