Are your wooden cabinets begging for a fresh lease of life? Grant your space and your cabinet a new look with fresh color. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to paint your wooden cabinets.

How To Paint Wood Cabinets

Does your bathroom and kitchen cabinets look outdated and obsolete? Would you like to replace it with a new one, but are concerned about the cost? Well, if you think that getting new cabinets will strain your budget, how about renovating your old cabinets with a fresh coat of color? Sounds nice, isn’t it? Painting your cabinets is indeed a pocket-friendly solution to restore a fresh look to your old wooden cabinets. What more, you can play with your imagination to deck it up the way you like. However, before you get started, stop to consider the color and look of your cabinet, especially if it’s lacquered with varnish. Take some time to plan the color of your cabinets for impressive appeal. If you have made up your mind to color your cabinets but don’t know how to go about it, reading this step-by-step guide on how to paint wood cabinets may help. Read on to get started.
Painting Wooden Cabinets
  • Before getting started with the brushes and colors, remember to dispatch the cabinets first. Using a screwdriver unbolt the hinges, bolts and screw and keep them safely aside. Dismantling the cabinet hardware will make the procedure of painting easy.
  • Once you are done with the removal of the doors and drawers, ensure that they are clean. Cleaning the kitchen cabinets is necessary for the good results. Cleaning your wooden cabinet will remove all dust and grime and offer better results. Use a sponge or rag and warm water to wipe the surface. Remember to do it in a well-ventilated space and don’t forget to put on rubber gloves to protect your hand. Allow it to dry.
  • Once the cabinet has dried completely use a sand paper to even the surface. This will help the primer to adhere properly to the surface of cabinet. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the wood dust and then use a tack cloth to wipe away any remnants on the surface.
  • The next step is to coat your wooden surface with primer. Primer allows the paint to adhere well to the surface, increasing durability and offering paint protection. Select a primer to suit your paint. If you are using oil-based paints going for an oil-based primer will do. However, in case of latex paints you will need shellac based primers. Allow your cabinet to dry full after you have applied the primer.
  • Now, your cabinet is all set to get colored. Using a good quality painting brush, apply thin coats of paint on the surface. Remember to use long strokes. Repeat the coats for impressive results. After applying the first coat, leave the cabinets to dry. Sand them slightly with sandpaper to adhere the coats well. Two coats are enough for your cabinets. However, if your cabinet is made of heavy grain wood like oak, it’s best to go for three coats of paint.
  • Allow it to dry completely before reinstallation. It’s best to allow it to dry for two to three days for best results. Attach the knobs and pulls when the paint has dried off. Reinstall your newly painted wooden cabinets and see your room décor pep up.

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