Painting wood wall paneling is a great way to make grooves look less prominent & also jazz up a room’s look. So read how to paint over wood wall paneling.

Painting Paneling

Painting a wood wall paneling is easy and at the same time, a great way to jazz up the appearance of a room. Incase you have a wood paneled wall in your house and do not like the grooves / lines in it, then you can opt painting them which would make them less prominent. So if you are looking for instructions on how to paint wood wall paneling, read on.
How to Paint Over Wood Wall Paneling Tips 
  • First of all, remove all furniture away from the wall you have to paint. You can shift them to the centre of the room and cover nicely with cloth.
  • You can also cover the floor with drop cloth to keep it from getting dirty while painting.
  • Plug all vents in that room and also the doorways to hold as much sanding dust as possible.
  • Next plug the nail holes, dents or any other imperfections on the wood wall with spackling. Let the spackling dry up.
  • Now you have to sand the walls with 180-grit sandpaper as well as palm sander.
  • Do not forget to don eye protection and dust mask while you are sanding the paneled wooden wall.
  • Next wipe clean the walls with a soft semi-damp cloth or rag to do away with any dust.
  • Hide away any trim or moulding on the paneled wooden wall you do not wish to paint with painter's tape.
  • Now paint a stain-blocking latex primer over the entire wall. Let this dry fully before you begin to paint the wall. If you find that the paneling is showing through the primer, then apply one more coat to the wall.
  • After this, the panel grooves will still be visible but will not be all that prominent. 
  • Next paint the corners, edges as well as the grooves of the wood wall paneling using a paintbrush.
  • Paint the wooden walls with a 3/8" nap roller.
  • Keep from applying a thick coat of paint. Any time, two thin coats of paint are better than a thick one.
  • Incase the paint does pool up in the grooves between the paneling, use a brush to even it out.
  • Now apply a second coat of paint on the wood wall.
  • Let the paint dry for a full day (24 hours) before hanging any pictures, removing the painter's tape or tampering with the newly painted wall in any other way.

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