Curtain tiebacks play an integral role in treating a window and enhancing the look of the curtain further. Read the article to find ideas on how to tie back curtains.

How To Tie Back Curtains

Curtains have always helped in improving and giving a chic look to the interiors of a home. Not only they block the harmful ultraviolet radiation from entering the home, but they also bring in a sense of comfort and enjoyment to a room. Apart from that, curtains add elegance, sophistication and innovation in the house. While most of us tend to spend a lot of moolah for adoring the window with a beautiful curtain, when it comes to pulling back the curtains, almost all of us prefer the standard or tassel tiebacks. Regular and ordinary tiebacks can mar the look of the curtain completely. Remember, simple or intricate, tiebacks give the curtain a new life. They have the ability to bring in a little interest and sparkle to a plain and simple decor theme. These days, you can find tiebacks made of more decorative items like colorful ribbons, necklaces, laces, twines, jewelry, etc. Read on further to find ideas for curtain tiebacks.
Curtain Tieback Ideas
  • Instead of those typical tiebacks, you can use a red bandana to tie back your curtains. This blends well with any casual room, right from a child’s bedroom to a powder room or family room.
  • Get an inexpensive Western-style belt and tie back the curtains in your children’s room. You can opt from tooled leather with a bold buckle or a native American beaded style belt. These work well with denim curtains.
  • Decorate a plain grapevine wreath to suit the scheme of your room and thread your curtain through it. You can also use the plain wreath in case you wish to keep the look simple and elegant.
  • Thread a swag of silk greenery or flowers and tie them around your curtains. Works best to lend a refreshing feel to your living space.
  • Purchase a good length of brass-plated or black-painted chain so that it can be doubled up easily. Tie back our curtains with the chain for a more decorative and modern look. You can also get a simple spray-painted chain to match the décor of your room.
  • Work some thick ribbon into a braid and sew it into a circle. Pass the curtain through the ribbon and hide the seams of the tieback behind the curtain.
  • To integrate your solid-colored curtains with a multicolor room scheme, get a grosgrain ribbon about 1 inch wide. Choose a color that contrasts with your curtains. Wrap the ribbon around the curtain and tie a bow at the outer edge of the window.
  • For a funkier look, get some men’s ties knotted as when they are worn. Pass the curtains through the tie and see how it changes and coordinates your curtains.
  • For a jolly look, simply pass your curtains through Christmas garlands and see them enhance your festive spirit and environ.  
  • If you choose to go the creative way, get some pretty necklaces that match the style and décor of your home. Remove the string or wire that attaches the necklace. Get hold of a pipe cleaner and restring the wire onto the pipe in a decorative arrangement. Wrap the pipe around the curtain and wrap the ends on the wall mount behind the curtain.
  • In case you can spare your leisure time, make a tieback through knitting and crochet. See the beautiful and attractive look that it will give your curtains and room, especially for the winter home décor.
  • Those unnecessary toys of your kids can also be used to give the curtains of your kid’s room a beautiful and creative look. Add a tie to the toy and wrap it around the curtain. It sure will give a sparkling look.  
  • Those old hair holders and belts too can be used to tieback the curtains. Though this is strange, the look will definitely catch a lot of attraction.

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