Having a Tuscan style décor for your kitchen is no difficult task. Just make use of the Tuscan kitchen decorating ideas provided in this article.

Tuscan Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Have you ever fantasized about having a cottage kitchen in a beautiful countryside, just like the one found in Tuscany? Longed to live amidst the peace, serenity and simplicity offered by the place? Don’t worry; you wouldn’t have to travel a long distance to see your dream coming true. We will help you create the perfect Tuscan décor in your kitchen only. The kitchen thus created will not only be just like the one you always visualized in your imagination, it will also exude a feel of warmth and hospitality to everyone who comes there. Given below are some simple decorating ideas that will help you create the perfect Tuscan kitchen.
One of the basic things to be kept in mind while creating a Tuscan look for your kitchen is the color that you will use to paint it. Tuscan landscape conjures the images of rich gold, earth tones and sea tones in the mind of an individual. Using such colors, in combination with majolica pottery items, can do wonders for your kitchen.
Old Look
The walls in a Tuscan kitchen have a worn-down look. However, for creating that look, you don’t need to wait for years. You can make use of faux painting technique. First paint the walls with a base color, preferably a bright one like butterscotch or butter yellow. Thereafter, paint the walls with a deeper color, with the help of a sponge. The ultimate effect should be that of a wall with fading colors.
Use Natural Materials
Try to use as much natural materials, like stone, slate, granite and terra cotta, for the kitchen floor and countertops, as possible. Use of marble, tiles, etc is a strict no-no. The more natural a material, the more realistic Tuscan look you will be able to bring to your kitchen.
Cabinet Doors
While giving the Tuscan look to your kitchen, the doors of the cabinet/cupboard should always be painted with strong, contrasting colors. Deep reds and bright forest greens can be your best bet. To complete the look, replace the cabinet knobs with heavy, burnished metal or ceramic ones. If possible, attach worn down pulls and handles to the cabinet doors and drawer fronts.
Keep it Simple
The best part of a Tuscan décor is that it is uncomplicated and totally practical. Infact, the whole idea is to celebrate the simple, but important things in life, like food, friends, and family. Things like artificial lighting & elaborate ornamentation do not form a part of such a decorating style.
If the whole look of a Tuscan kitchen is old, even the lighting should be of the same nature. Stay away from modern chandeliers and other contemporary lighting techniques. Rather, go for antique-looking wrought iron lights. It is better to stick with muted metals. Shiny materials should not even be thought about.
Exercise due care while selecting accessories for a Tuscan kitchen! If you want, you can hunt the antique shops for those perfect old looking, worn down accessories. For the less adventurous ones, old pottery bowls and pitchers, painted wooden bowls, etc will work the best. Decorative jars of oils, with peppers and ropes of garlic or peppers and grape vines, are just excellent. Add lots of greenery, in the form of potted plants.
Use your oldest furniture for adorning your Tuscan kitchen. Chipped wooden tables, worn down cupboard and chairs with fading paint will look pretty good. If by any chance, you manage to get a cupboard with chicken wire doors, nothing can be better. Remember, old and used things exude warmth and this is what the entire Tuscan look is all about!

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