Enough caution is to be exercised for removal of the bird nests resting in your home. Explore the article to find some useful tips on how to get rid of birds nest.

How To Get Rid Of Birds Nest

You may have birds infesting your home, building nests and delivering eggs. It is important to remove bird’s nest from their locations inside your residence, as they contain harmful bacteria and mites that can account for serious health hazards to humans. However, it is also important to remember that you will have to exercise great caution before you set on to remove those nests. You can only remove a nest when it is egg-less. Below given are some useful tips to follow and mistakes to avoid, when you handle the bird nests. Go through them and learn how to get rid of birds nest.
Bird Nest Removal Tips 
  • The simplest way to remove a bird’s nest is to merely climb to its location and remove it. However, you need to remember that moving a nest with eggs is inhuman. Therefore, it is better to take care that when you remove the nest, it does not contain eggs. Also, make sure that the mother bird is not resting in the nest when you take it off.
  • You can also seek professional assistance to get rid of bird’s nest. Get in touch with your local pest control, to get the bird nest removed. Handling bird excrement and carcasses can be a serious health hazard and therefore, leaving it to professional makes more sense.
  • You need to discourage the birds from nesting in your residence. Seal off the entry points for birds. One option is to electrify bird tracks. Stretch the electrified tracts across the areas where birds perch. The birds will get a mild hotfoot when they land on it. This will not hurt them, but ensure that they stay away. Your can charge the system with a solar battery, battery pack or house power.
  • Getting a pet home is also a great idea to drive away birds from your habitat. You can easily get rid of the nests, once the birds have been driven away by a pet cat or dog.
  • Placing an artificial statue of a cat or an owl will help scare away the birds and not let them build their nests in the first place. Owls are natural predators of birds and an owl statue will deter the birds from inhabiting your home.
  • There is also a possibility to use bird traps, but they are not legal everywhere, so make sure that you are aware of the local law. Small bird traps can be placed in the areas birds frequent. You can find bird traps at most of the hardware supply stores. 
  • A bird’s nest contains fleas, ticks, bedbugs and mites. Use an over-the-counter pesticide to decontaminate the nest before you begin steps to remove it.
  • To avoid inhaling parasites, dust and pathogens, while removing a bird’s nest, use respiratory protection. Cover your mouth and nose with a mask or cloth.
  • Wearing gloves for nest removal will keep your hands free of mites and other parasites. The gloves are to be disposed off after use.

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