In case you are looking for some tips for getting rid of a wasp nest, read straight ahead. This article will help you know how to kill or get rid of wasps.

How To Get Rid Of Wasps

Wasp is basically an insect that basically survives on a diet comprising of the nectar of various flowers. It is neither a bee nor an ant and can be found living either as a solitary creature or in a nest, with numerous other wasps. Usually a solitary wasp does not cause much of a problem for a person and even if it does, you can use wasp killer for getting rid of it. It is when you encounter a nest of wasps very near to your place that a serious problem arises. Social wasps are territorial and can defend their nest violently. In this case, it is necessary to kill them and get rid of the nest as soon as possible. In case you need some tips for the same, read the ones provided below.
How to Get Rid of Wasps
Items Needed 
  • Wasp Remover
  • Lots of Old Clothes
  • Gloves
  • Mask
  • Goggles 
  • Go to the market and buy a can of wasp remover that has been attached with a spray.
  • Next, confirm the exact location of the nest. If it is near a door to your house, make sure that you have an alternate access also.
  • Wait for the appropriate time of the day, when almost all the wasps are expected to be in or on the nest. Usually, night time is the best.
  • Wear several layers of old clothes, as a means of protection as well as to keep off the poison residue.
  • Now, wear the rest of the protective gear, comprising of gloves, mask and a pair of goggles.
  • Make sure that your children as well as your pets are away from the area. You can also make them stay at your neighbor’s or parent’s place for the night.
  • Plan an escape route beforehand, which you will need to use after spraying the poison on the nest.
  • Position yourself at a reasonable distance from the nest. Never ever stand directly under the nest, while spraying.
  • Spray plenty of poison directly on the nest.
  • Immediately after that, make use of the escape route to get away from the area.
  • Do not go near the sprayed area, for the amount of time recommended on the spray can. Usually, it is advised to stay away overnight.
  • In the morning, cautiously approach the area. If you feel that some wasps are still left, you can spray the poison once again.
  • After you feel that the nest is completely devoid of any activity, knock it down and dispose off. 
Other Options to Kill Wasps 
  • If you don’t want to use wasp remover spray, burn a small fire below the nest. The smoke arising from it will choke the wasps and force them to move out of the nest. After you feel that the nest is completely empty, you can knock it down and dispose off.
  • Another option is to hang chemically treated pest strips near the nest. They will kill the wasps easily. However, make sure to keep away from the infested area till you are sure that all the wasps have died and the nest is completely vacant. Thereafter, remove it and dispose off.

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