Belgian tervuren dogs are highly intelligent in nature; making great pets and active watchdogs. Learn all about the Belgian tervueren dog breed, with this article.

Belgian Tervuren Dogs

Breed Type: Sheepdog, Herding dog
Belgian Tervueren
Weight: 50- 65 pounds (males)/ 40- 50 pounds (female)
Height: 24- 26 inches (male)/ 22- 24 inches (female)
Coat Type: Slightly hard,thick, double coat
Belgian tervurenis basically a medium-sized, beautiful dog that originated in Belgian in the late 19th century. The dog belongs to the sheepdog family and is considered as the most elegant of all. Originally a herding dog, it seems like a squarely shaped dog that is blessed with striking appearance, along with well-toned athletic body. The dog is also a storehouse of energy. Belgian tervurenis a fearless and tireless dog that firmly stands to protect the family in front of strangers, but also craves for the attention of family members. The dog can perform endless jobs, like sledding, tracking, herding, giving therapy etc and even accomplishes police jobs.
A Belgian tervueren dog is a loyal companion. It comes across as a devoted breed that possesses the inherent canine eagerness to please. However, the maintenance level of the dog is quite high making, it a little difficult choice for the first time pet owners or those who lack time to take care of it. If you are looking for a dog to become a friend and spend time with you, the Belgian Tervuren Dogs is exactly what you might like. Know everything about the lovely Belgian Tervuren dog breed, before bringing it home, by going through this article.
Belgian tervuren is a working dog that originated in the Belgian village of Tervuren. A resident of the village, Brewer M. Corbeel, was the founder of the breed. He needed a hardworking, intelligent, general-purpose herding and guard dog. And for the very purpose, he created the breed. Initially, Belgian tervuren was not popular like the other sheepdogs, as it is not much striking in appearance. However, its natural abilities and talents, including sledding, obedience, search & rescue, tracking, agility, and detection, got the dog recognition in 1891. The American Kennel Club recognized it in 1960.
Belgian tervuren dog is a medium-sized breed, with moderately-pointed muzzle and almond-sized, dark brown eyes. The ears are erect and triangular in shape The canine has a deep chest, which reaches its elbows. The black-colored nose can prominently define the color of the coat in some individuals. Since it is a working breed, Belgian tervuren is expected to have a strong muscled body. The color of the coat is mahogany, with varying degrees of black overlay. The double coat, with long, abundant, close-fitting guard hair, protects the dog from varying weather conditions. It has a broad, deep, muscular chest, and well-sprung ribs, with straight and parallel legs and cat-like feet. The tail is strong at the base, with abundant hair.
Belgian tervuren is a wonderful dog that is both intelligent and energetic, whether it is a family pet or a working dog. It has a fearless and loyal temperament and is amicably sociable. In addition, it is quite observant and alert, which makes it a perfect watchdog. Belgian tervuren dogs has a playful disposition towards members of its owner’s family and always craves for their attention and time. It is an obedient dog and learns quickly in the training, but can turn violent or uncooperative if harsh temperament of the master is displayed.
The dog can turn shy and needs to be socialized with the members from an early stage. Since it is a herding dog, it needs regular exercise and a job that keeps them occupied. An excellent herding dog on the farm, it also is friendly and loving, making a great pet. It bonds with the family perfectly and can been as a loyal companion. If you are an extremely social person and need to lock the dog frequently, it is a real bad choice, as it hates being locked up. As herders, Belgian tervuren dogs are agile, quick and have well-balanced movements. They also respond quickly to situations and are very perceptive, making them great watchdogs.
Genetic Diseases
The average lifespan of a Belgian Tervuren dog is 10- 12 years, however, the breed is susceptible to epilepsy and hip dysplasia, along with some eye and skin problems.
Belgian tervuren dog possesses a thick, double coat that requires regular brushing, in order to remove the loose undercoat. Moreover, the feathering of the legs needs to be cleared of the burrs and seeds that may stick to it while playing in the field. The hair on the outer part of the ear and between the toes needs to be trimmed occasionally. Bathing the dog is important too, however avoid it more than once a month.

Belgian Tervueren Dogs  
Belgian Tervueren Dog Breed  
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