Are you having a tough time getting rid of ticks? Read on this article to know how to get rid of ticks.

How To Get Rid Of Ticks

Small is big and not always in a good way. Ticks are small parasites, which are not just nuisance to you and your pets but also are the leading carriers of a lot of diseases. Having been around for about 90 million years, ticks are the second largest carrier of diseases. The toxins, secretions and other organism in the tick’s saliva are very harmful to humans. Ticks can transmit several diseases including Lyme diseases (which affect central nervous systems), Babesiosis, Ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Tick-borne relapsing fever, Anaplasmosis etc. Come spring and you may find humongous numbers of tick in your home and yard. Actually, ticks hatch their eggs in spring. The young ticks ascend onto grasses and other foliage, cling to passing animals, and sometimes even get you. Actually, there are two types of ticks, soft and hard, distinguished on the basis of shells. It is the hard-shelled ticks, which are the matter of more concern as they stick to the host for a longer period. Although getting rid of ticks may seem a daunting aspect, it is actually not that difficult a task. Explore the pointers given below to know the ways for getting rid of ticks. 
Getting Rid Of Ticks 
How To Get Rid Of Ticks From Your House 
Prevention is better than cure especially when it comes to getting rid of ticks from your home. Generally, the people with pets suffer the problems from ticks most. Pets carry ticks to home and ultimately make you the prey of it. If you let your dog roam in the yard for a long time, it may carry the blood sucking parasites to your home. You should check your pets every time after they come back from yard. You can also use approved tick repellents on your pets. A tick repellent kills ticks when pets come to contact with them. You can also use tick or flea collars to reduce ticks attack. Giving a good bath to your pets on a daily basis would also be a good solution for this problem. If you have a big yard, getting guinea hens as pets would be best for you. These hens are very good hunters of ticks.Non-toxic pesticides are also very effective in getting rid of ticks. Clean your outfits, bed sheets, and carpets regularly if you doubt ticks attack on it. Bug sprays with DEET can also minimize the ticks attack however; it is not that effective on ticks as it is on mosquitoes. You could also use table salt for killing ticks. Sprinkle salt on the tick infested areas and leave for few hours. Now vacuum the area properly. 
How To Get Rid Of Ticks From Your Yard
Ticks prefer tall grasses as their home. They wait on the top of this tall grasses and when a prey (it may be you, your pet or your kid), comes near, it suddenly makes a move making you its host. Ticks won’t stay on short grasses. So keeping your yard trimmed would be a better way to outfight ticks. Keep mowing your grass on a weekly basis. Spraying basil insect repellent can also be an effective way. Basil contains powerful properties which can be very useful than the commercial and artificial insect repellent you can found in the stores. You can make your own basil ticks repellent. All you need is to add basil leaves to a liter of water and let it sit for few hours. Now spray the basil infused water in the yard.

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