Removing underarm smell can be challenging, especially when it refuses to escape even after multiple washes. Explore this article to know how to remove underarm odor from your shirts.

How To Remove Underarm Odor From Shirts

Body odor is caused due to a number of reasons, but the most common cause is sweat. Sweat is a good growth medium for bacteria and bacteria in turn, cause odor. The problem of sweating is strongest under the arms and at the groin. And once the bacteria end up in the clothing, it is very difficult to get rid of the bad smell. However, instead of spending sums of money on buying store products to clean your clothes or sending them to the dry cleaners, why not try to kill the bacteria right there at your home. Also by sending your clothes to the dry cleaners, you are at the risk of damaging your cloth fabric or the cloth color. Given here are some handy homemade methods to help you know how to remove underarm odor from shirts.
Removing Underarm Smell From Your Shirts
Method 1
  • Soak your garment in 4 cups of white vinegar and leave it overnight.
  • Wash the garment with laundry detergent, 2 cups of white vinegar and ½ cup of baking soda in the machine.
  • Dry the garment normally.
  • On drying, the smell from the garment will be gone and any discoloration caused due to odor will also disappear.
  • In case of multiple garments, do not soak each garment in the vinegar. Pour 4 cups of white vinegar in a spray bottle and spray at the affected areas, till they become soaked. Leave them overnight and wash in the same way as above.
Method 2
  • Wash your clothes and dry them as usual.
  • Pour 4 cups of rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle.
  • On drying, spray the underarm area with the alcohol. Spray until the area is well soaked.
  • Let the alcohol dry out completely. The odor smell will disappear when the clothes have dried out.
  • This method does not remove any odor stains. 
Method 3
  • Take a small bucket of water and pour 6 cups of undiluted 3% antibacterial hydrogen peroxide in it.
  • Soak your garments in the bucket overnight.
  • Wash them in the morning, as usual.
  • The odor smell should have gone after washing the clothes.
  • In case the odor is still there, soak the garment for an additional 3 hours and wash it again as normal.
  • The hydrogen peroxide will kill the bacteria and the odor will vanish.
  • This method does not remove any odor stains. 
Method 4
  • To the washing machine, add ½ cup of dishwasher detergent, along with the regular laundry detergent.
  • Wash you clothes on the “hot” setting, unless the garments are restricted from being washed in hot water.
  • If the smell does not go after washing, make a paste of the dishwasher detergent, by adding a little water to it. Rub it on the underarm area and let it sit for a few hours.
  • Wash the garment in the washing machine as instructed above.
  • Once the garment is washed, both the smell and stains will disappear. Dry the garment as usual.

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