You need a lot of patience for leash training your dog. With the tips given in the article, you will learn how to train your dog to walk on a leash, easily.

How To Train Your Dog To Walk On A Leash

It is very important to establish and maintain authority over your dog, when you are training him to walk on a leash. Equally important is to encourage your pet to follow you, while walking with you. While most of the owners consider it difficult to discipline their dog to follow them, some people find it very easy to train their pet to obey them. This is, perhaps, because of the fact that they have established a cordial relationship with their pet, by giving the animal rewarding treats and encouraging it to learn quickly. If you are not that much adept in leash training your dog, this article is what you need. Explore the tips given in the lines below and learn how to train your dog to walk on a leash.
Leash Training Your Dog 
  • First, keep a leash near your dog. Let him investigate it for a while. Now, gently clip the leash onto your pet's collar. Make sure that your pet is under your control, before attempting to go for a walk.
  • It is a fact that dogs pull themselves away from the owner, when they feel pressure on the leash. Though a natural reflex, bringing this under control is very necessary.
  • As you step out with your dog, to go for a walk, hold one end of his leash in your hand. After giving him the 'let's go' command, start walking with him.
  • When you start walking, your dog will start pulling on the leash, as he feels a tension in the collar. In this situation, you need to let out all the tension in the leash and go in the opposite direction.
  • As your dog finds you walking in the other direction, he will come to your side. The moment he comes to your side, praise him and then gather up the leash.
  • Your dog will start pulling on the leash again. This time as well, you should let out the leash and walk in the other direction.
  • The idea is to make the pet incline towards you naturally, without feeling as if he has been forced to do so. In addition, you should make him comfortable while on the leash.
  • Do not rush when you are walking, because it will be uncomfortable for both of you to walk without trembling.
  • Praise your dog enthusiastically and offer treats whenever possible.
  • Encourage your pet to follow you, rather than forcing him to perform against his will.
  • Practise this routine for several weeks, until your dog gets fully trained to walk on leash.

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