Installing an appropriate chandelier can light up your house in a unique way and is one the most important tasks of an interior designer. Read the article to know tips on how to hang a chandelier.

How To Hang A Chandelier

Lighting has been recognized as one of the essential elements in any room. And what better than chandeliers to provide the perfect lighting? Chandeliers are a set of decorative lights, combined together on one stand and hung form the ceiling to light up the entire room. They were made from rock crystals and quartz during the 16th century. Chandeliers have also been found in medieval churches, monasteries and in houses of wealthy people. Today, they have become an integral part of home lighting. They are available in various exquisite designs to match with your home’s interior. Just in case you are wondering how to install one at your home, do not worry. The following lines provide simple tips for hanging a chandelier.
Installing A Chandelier
  • To start off with, decide the location where you would be installing your new chandelier.
  • After doing so, remove the current fixture to replace with the new one. To do so, disconnect the electric wiring and switch off the main circuit that is controlling the room’s electricity.
  • Place a ladder under the chandelier and remove the canopy of the old fixture. Now, disconnect the wiring and remove the twist-on connectors with your hands.
  • Remove the old electric materials and discard them. Bring down the old fixture and hand over to a helper.
  • Remove all appliances attached to the old fixture, such as screws, support bar and loose fins with the help of screwdrivers and handsaw. Eventually, you will be left with an empty hole with an electrical wiring in the ceiling.
  • In case the chandelier is heavy, install a support brace. A support brace is a hexagonal support with prongs that stick directly into the wood of the ceiling joist. This will provide proper support to the chandelier. Tighten the support with leverage.
  • Pull 6 inches of wire from the knockout hole, into the new electrical box and tighten the cable connector using a screwdriver. The cable connector should be non-metallic and not overtightened, to avoid piercing the insulation of the wires.
  • Attach the electrical box to the brace with screws or a bolt tightly, to ensure full support to the chandelier.
  • Remove the chain links from the chandelier and raise them to the height at which it is to be hung, with the assistance of a helper.
  • Hang the chain at the desired height from the ceiling and connect the wires of the chandelier to the housing wires.
  • Strip an inch of insulation from the ends of the wires and connect it to the chandelier wiring, with the help of twist-on connectors.
  • Tuck the remaining wiring into the electric box and slide the canopy to the ceiling by tightening it carefully.
  • Finally, carefully add the LED lights and shades of the chandelier and other decorative appliances to the canopy.
  • Flip the circuit breaker and test if your newly installed beautiful chandelier is working properly.

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