A great way to use the basement space is to convert it into a bathroom. Go through the mentioned basement bathroom ideas and update your basement bathroom into a stylish and welcoming place.

Basement Bathroom Ideas

The dark, oppressive basement of your house which you consider to be useless place can actually be converted into a lovely place to hang out with few innovative ideas. You can convert your basement into a home theatre, a bar or just a living room to hang around with your friends or enjoy a party with your friends on the weekend. Well, another important aspect to keep in mind while renovating your basement is to plan out a good bathroom area. Having a bathroom in your basement will make it a full-fledged place to live in. However, since basements usually have restricted space, your bathroom will have to be well planned. But this does not mean that your basement bathroom cannot be as stylish and welcoming as the regular bathroom. Mentioned below are few ideas for a basement bathroom which will throw light on some of the important aspects to take care of while designing a basement bathroom.
Ideas For A Basement Bathroom
The first thing on which you will have to decide while planning for a basement bathroom is the facilities you are going to stuff it with. There might be a chance that the space available for you in the basement for a bathroom is not as big as that available for a regular bathroom design. Moreover, you might be using your basement only for a specific purpose. Therefore, you will have to carefully choose the products for your bathroom keeping in mind the space and utility factor. The sink, cabinets, the bath and showers all need to be bought based upon the size of the place for your bathroom to look well designed.
Basements are usually small places and therefore the space available for a bathroom will also be small. A well-planned basement bathroom is one which looks big and spacious, despite the restricted room. One way in which you can make that happen is by the type of lighting you choose. Make sure to go in for light fittings that illuminate the room and help in getting rid of the dull atmosphere. The placement of lights will also play an important role in determining whether or not the bathroom will look spacious.
Another important thing to keep in mind while making a basement bathroom is the paint that you choose to decorate the walls. The colours that you choose also determine the appearance of the entire space available. Since basements are usually dark and dingy, the best trick would be to use light colours to paint the walls. For a contrasting effect, you can start with lighter shades at the base, moving to the darker shades towards the ceiling.
Mirrors are the best way to create illusion of space. While designing the bathroom space, get the mirrors fixed at strategic locations that will help to open out the room and create an illusion of space. Proper placement of mirrors will provide an open feeling to the one entering the bathroom, rather than a congested or closed feeling.
Another feature to be well planned while making the basement bathroom is the cabinets. Make sure that you don’t put the cabinets where it will cut into the space of the bathroom. If the space is really a problem, you can even do with only one cabinet holding all the essential toiletries, while the other things like guest towels, soaps etc can be placed outside the bathroom in the main basement.
Ventilation in your basement bathroom is another important aspect that you will have to take into consideration. You will have to think about a proper ventilation design to pull steamy hot air or the odour away. The best would be to plan your basement bathroom against an exterior wall. This would make it easy to cut out a ventilation design.
Choose Water-Resistant Materials
You should keep functionality and style in mind, while designing a basement bathroom. Go in for water-resistant materials that will make the bathroom user-friendly and will let the guests enjoy the facilities, without bothering much about maintenance. You can get stone tiles for the floor and the walls, since they are durable, water-resistant and quite easy to clean.

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