Clumber spaniel is a mild mannered dog that was once the pride of nobility. Read this article to find more information about this dog breed.

Clumber Spaniel Dogs

Breed: Gundog group
Height: 16-20 inches
Weight: 55-85 pounds
Coat: Dense coat
Clumber spaniels make up a docile, adorable, intelligent breed of spaniels, which is much loved because of its friendly, easygoing nature. These dogs are well behaved and never aggressive. They are forthcoming about their other canine mates and even cats. They love kids and make for great household pets. Clumber spaniels have sharp memory and love to please their master. They are low-key hunters, who like to hunt pheasants and partridges. These dogs just love to play with water. They are very lazy and it is important to keep them active by engaging them in frequent physical activities. Young Clumber spaniels are rather active, but tame down as they grow old. Read on to know more about this dog breed.
The history of Cumber spaniel is vague. Some trace its origin to France, preferably to Duc de Noailles - who is known to have gifted his kennel of prized spaniels to the Duke of Newcastle at Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire. There are other legends that trace its roots to Britain and then, there are yet some that consider Cumber spaniel to be a descendant of Blenheim spaniel. Clumber spaniel owes its name to Clumber Park and the gamekeeper of Duke of Newcastle, William Mansell, is often accredited for its evolution and existence today. The breed appears to have been a favorite of the aristocrats of Great Britain and, during his reign, King George V bred many working and show Cumber spaniel champions at Sandringham. After World War II, this breeding significantly dropped. However, thanks to a few dedicated enthusiasts who worked towards its revival, Cumber spaniels are common sights in the show ring as well as fields today.
Clumber spaniels represent the largest breed of spaniels. They are normally long and of a robust build. They somewhat resemble the smaller Sussex spaniel in shape. They are heavy-boned with massive heads, square nose, broad muzzle, large leafy-shaped ears and drowsy expression. These dogs have freckles on their muzzles and feet. Clumber spaniels have dense, flat, straight soft coats that are usually thick around the ears, belly and legs. They are generally white in color, often with yellowish-orange hue around the eyes and tail.
Clumber spaniels usually make gentle, loyal and affectionate pets. However, they do not like to mix with strangers and are reticent by nature. They are of a calm disposition and like to laze around. However, constant shedding, snoring and drooling may not make them a pleasant company always. Puppies are active, curious and inventive. Clumber spaniels just love to be pampered and they release a soft snort when happy, which makes them all the more adorable. These dogs have a strong olfactory sense that makes them a good hunter. Nevertheless, this breed of spaniel is slow compared to others, but has an excellent stamina.
Genetic Disease
Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Phosphatase 1 Deficiency (PDP1) is a condition that affects many Clumber spaniels. The deficiency of the enzyme leads to a failure of the PDH complex, responsible for metabolism. As a result, the dog can suffer from extreme exhaustion after little physical work. PDP1 deficiency can also lead to an early death in affected dogs.
The adorable Clumber spaniels are fairly small, with thick, soft coats. They need general grooming twice a month and a full grooming after every 8 to 10 weeks. The coat must be combed regularly. Because these dogs are prone to heavy shedding, care must be taken to keep their fur trimmed and clean all the time.

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