A veranda helps you to enjoy the air without stepping out into the unfavorable climate. Explore the article below to know the thoughts and considerations for building verandas.

Thoughts & Considerations For Building Verandas

Many people do not think that the veranda is necessary. Instead, they would cover the area with walls and have an extra room. However, since one room is almost the same as the other, the house loses a very valuable charm. For the veranda is not just an addition to the house, it is an accessory, a statement of your style and taste. The word veranda has its origin in India and its earliest variation is said to have risen from the east and west fusion of Indian architecture. So, a veranda is considered as a hybrid of this architectural element. Nowadays, with space becoming a prized commodity, people think that having a veranda is a waste. However, if you are one of those who love the natural breeze rather than the air cooler, and like to lie down in a hammock in sight of the sun and flowers, then investing in a veranda is worthwhile. Another good reason of owning a veranda is that sometimes if you feel like sitting down in your garden you won’t be at the mercy of nature. In rain or blazing sun, your veranda can be the best retreat. It is the best way to get out of a cramped room and enjoy the air. You will cherish the early morning breakfast and evening tea in your veranda. To know more on building verandas, read the article given below to know the suggestions that you should consider before building one. 
Suggestions On Building A Veranda 
  • The veranda should blend into the existing house so that it adds conformity to the entire outlay.
  • The veranda should be designed in such a way that it looks like a part of the original house structure. 
  • The design of the veranda can range from the simple to the elaborate.
  • You can go for a design in which the veranda is in two levels – a spa at the bottom and a living area on the top.
  • The design of the veranda depends on your own preferences and your individuality. 
As An Outdoor Room 
  • The veranda can also be used as an outdoor living room.
  • This can be an open-air area with a profusion of plants.
  • It should also be cozy and modern.
  • Decorate with wind chimes, antique lamps, hammocks, and a couple of settees. 
  • The size is very important, as your design of the veranda will depend on it.
  • However, you don’t need a massive area for a modernistic veranda.
  • Even if you have a space that only allows you to just put up your feet and relax then it's fine.
  • If the space is small then do not clutter it. Also, if you have a big space and you don’t add any add-ons then the effect will be like an empty ground. So, plan your veranda depending on the size. 
  • If you have money to spare then you can go for a luxurious veranda that is more expensive than the average ones.
  • Such verandas can be fitted with a mini swimming pool along with a cooking, eating, and relaxing area. 
  • The roof is the most important feature of a veranda.
  • It should provide protection against the sunlight and heat.
  • The roofing should blend well with rest of the features of the house.
  • You can also have polycarbonate roofing which will allow the light into the area.
  • For roofing panel you can go for timber, which is the most common material. Or, you can select a steel frame.
  • You can also have verandas that are partly roofed. This is very good in places with mild climate.
  • Glass roofed verandas are also catching up fast and it is also a good option if you don’t mind the extra expense. 
Additional Tips 
  • Lighting is important. Fix the veranda with soft lights so that you can spend your time there even during the night. Instead of a single large glare, fix multiple lights.
  • Attach foldable mesh so that you can keep the insects out at night. During the day, the mesh can be folded up.
  • When selecting plants, go for those that require more shade than light. Also, take care while watering the plant so that you don’t wet the entire area.

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