Are you looking for ways to make your clothes last longer? Making your clothes last longer requires more than just daily washing. Explore tips on how to make your clothes last longer.

How To Make Your Clothes Last Longer

Each one of us has some prized possessions, when it comes to clothing. There are some clothes, no matter how old and dull they become, remain a part of your wardrobe. These clothes bring back fond memories of the time, when you first wore them and received just too many compliments. Often, all of us wish how wonderful it would be if there was a magic to make these clothes look exactly the way you first bought them! Styles may come and go, but many things from your wardrobe can last through changing times. Clothes are expensive and you will definitely not want to lose out on your pretty dress, just because you didn’t maintain it properly. Your mother has an amazing collection of dresses, which dates back to time when she got married. It makes you wonder, how those delicate saris can last so long. It is because your mother took care of those dresses and maintained them well. Taking care of your clothes properly can extend their lifespan by years. Here are some ways, which will help you to make your clothes last longer, without spending those extra bucks.  
Tips For Making Your Clothes Longer
  • The eagerness to put on new clothes is so strong that most of the times people do not even take the trouble of removing price tags with the help scissors. Snatching out the plastic tag holders might be easy, but can cause a permanent rip. To avoid this, use scissors to remove price tags from your clothing.
  • Make sure to separate dark and light/white attires while washing. While dark colors can bleed colors on to white clothes, light colored clothes tend to leave lint on darker shade ones.
  • For long life of your clothes, wear your clothes more than once before washing. By following this, you can make your clothes last longer. Clothes like shirts, jeans, trousers can be worn more than once.
  • If a small portion of your cloth is stained then you can clean just that spot by using detergent, rather than throwing the whole garment into the washing machine.  
  • Always use a branded mild soap or detergent to wash your clothes. Using harsh detergents or soaps over a long period of time can ruin your clothes. Refrain from using very hot or very cold water to wash your clothes. Lukewarm water is the best struck deal. Also, if you are bucket washing, don’t leave your clothes in detergent for long. A 10 or 20 minutes dip would be enough for a mild wash. Never brush your delicate clothes, least they tear or lose the shine.
  • In case your cloth gets stained, the best way of removing the mark would be by treating it as quickly as possible. Stains, which need urgent attention, include chocolate, red wine, tomato, berry juices and olive oil stains. Common dish detergent serves as great stain remover for food and grease stains.
  • To last your cotton clothes longer, don’t put them in dryer, unless they are preshrunk. Even your sweatshirts, sweaters, jeans tend to shrink in dryer. So, instead of using dryer, hang your clothes on clothing rack for drying.
  • Instead of using bleach for your clothes, opt for baking soda or water to brighten your clothes. Usage of bleach over a time harms the texture and material of your clothes.
  • Store your out of season clothes carefully. To make your clothes last longer and to prevent them from moths, keep mothballs in clothes. Fold the clothes neatly and store them properly in shelves or plastic tote containers, when you don’t plan to wear them for a while.
  • To ensure that your clothes last longer, hang clothes, which need to be hanged and fold those, which need to be done so. For instance, do not hang sweaters on a hanger as they get stretched, which leads to spoiling the shape. Fold your sweaters and store them nicely to prevent from any damage. 
  • Before washing your clothes, turn them inside out. This will prevent color from fading and keep them spanking new. This tip is especially valuable for jeans.
  • If you are a person, who often spills coffee or tea on your clothes, then your choice of colors, should be dark brown, gray, navy blue, black. These colors are capable of hiding the marks and stains caused by your clumsy moments.  

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