Building an awning is a great way to extend your outdoor space by creating a shade for patios and balconies. Read the article to learn the steps on how to build your own awning.

How To Build An Awning

An awning is a protective and attractive overhead covering or shed affixed in the outer part of doors and windows to protect against the sun, rain and wind. Awnings are often attached to the decks, patios, terraces or balconies. Different materials are used for making awnings, namely, polyester yarn, cotton, canvas, plastic or cloth prepared from acrylic. The poles on which the awning cloth is placed, is made from various materials, like iron, aluminum, steel or wood. There are two types of awnings - motorized or automatic overhangs and manually-operated overhangs. While motorized awnings are more classy and stylish, manually-operated overhangs are affordable and easy to build. Given here are the steps for building your own awning. Build one for your home and enjoy the hot and lazy days of a summer afternoon.
Steps For Building Your Own Awning
Materials Required
  • Measuring Tape
  • Electric Drill
  • 4 Grommets
  • 4 Stakes
  • 4 sections of Rope
  • 2 Key Rings
  • 2 Screw Hooks
  • 2 Support Poles
  • Sewing Machine (with a large needle)
  • A large piece of Canvas
  • Measure the dimensions of the piece of canvas you would be requiring for the awning, using a measuring tape.
  • Purchase the canvas slightly larger than the dimensions, allowing enough space for hemming.
  • Sew the hems around the canvas piece in the sewing machine, using nylon thread. Doing so will prevent the canvas from fraying at later stages. Nylon thread is basically recommended since it lasts longer in exterior conditions.
  • Next, install a grommet on each of the awning’s four corners.
  • Measure the larger side of the awning from one grommet to the other.
  • Using the measurements, drill two pilot holes into your wood siding with the help of an electric drill. The awning will branch out from this wood siding.
  • Screw two hooks into the pilot holes. This will prevent the wood from splitting, thereby making it easier for you to insert the screws.
  • Install a key ring on each of the two grommets on the side that would be against the house.
  • Now, hook one key ring on the left screw hook and the other on the right screw hook. This completes one side of the awning.
  • Stretch out the awning to determine where to install each support pole. The support poles should be either driven into the dirt or have flat ends to sit on the pavement.
  • Insert the top of each pole through the grommet on the awning.
  • Tie two sections of rope on each of the two grommets where the poles are located.
  • Pull one section of the rope on each side of the awning poles to the front and stake it to the ground.
  • Repeat the same for the other side, using the remaining two sections of ropes.

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