You can give a deception of largeness to your small place itself, making it look larger. Learn here, the tricks that can help you know how to make a small place look bigger.

How To Make A Small Place Look Bigger

Having a small home is a brunt that we have to carry around for more reasons than one. Owning a big house in a city is what we all dream for, but very few of us are able to achieve it. Then, there are many people who go for a studio or single bedroom apartment just because the idea of living alone in a big house doesn’t appeal to them. However, when friends come over or you throw a party, a small apartment may look very cluttered and put off many. Whether you don't have the budget to buy a big house or just prefer a cozy little studio apartment, you can surely give a deception of bigness to your small house itself. How? Read on to know how you can make a small place look bigger, by utilizing the right props, in the right way.
Making Your Small Place Look Larger
Multipurpose furniture, like sofa beds, folding tables, and beds with drawers, can be used for a variety of purposes, while saving space. Making use of such furniture will help you avoid the cluttered look. At the same time, scale the furniture, to fit the size of the room. Instead of filling it with many small furniture items, go for a few big-sized ones. Furniture shouldn’t block your pathways, as it makes the room feel cramped. Having furniture in the same color as the wall color makes the room looks bigger. You should set your furniture at an angle, instead of placing it in a straight line, as it gives the deception of space.
Make your room open up, by letting the natural light come inside. The flow of natural light, from windows or doors, can really make a space look bigger. If you are having a day party, let sunlight lit up the rooms. If your rooms are naturally dark and there is no way you can bring the natural light in, try adding some lighting features. If you want something on a permanent basis, you can surely try going for full-height glass panes, instead of small windows.
A mirror not only reflects the light (natural and artificial), to make a room look brighter and bigger as well, but also gives the illusion of depth. You can put mirrors on the walls or cabinets, which bounce the light back and make the space appear large. Another idea would be to replace the cabinet doors with mirrored ones. You can even have glass-top tables and mirrors on window sides.
Color Tricks
Playing with colors is one of the best ways to make your room appear larger. Pink, light green, beige, and sky blue are the colors you can choose to make your room look bigger. You can also color your ceilings in white color, as it will make them appear farther back and open up the space.
Focus On Window
The focus on window can give a wider horizon to the room and can make it look more expansive. Use windows to give the illusion of connectivity to everything that can be seen through them. Enhance the attraction of the windows by hanging paintings and keeping vases near them.
Maintain Coordination
Instead of going for zigzag designs, use subtle colors in your room and coordinate them with your decoration, to give a calming effect. Work to create long lines and use similar colors. Avoid colorful wallpapers; rather go for simple, sober ones. Flimsy fabrics work best for windows drapes and tablecloths, while plain upholstery and a few pieces of art and accessories can enhance the overall appeal.
Avoid Clutter
A room that is full of clutter looks much smaller that it is. So, keep your room tidy and neat, to make it look spacious and maintain a general hygiene. Everything should be arranged in an order. Keep the floor clean and instead of covering it with many small rugs, go for one single, big one. Make sure to let some part of the floor be seen too, as it gives the illusion of more floor space.


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