To make a room look larger than it is, you will need visual tricks, a little bit of creativity and imagination. Given below are some visual tips on how to create a visually larger room.

How To Create A Visually Larger Room

Lack of living space is a common problem that people are facing in the modern world. The massive rise in population, as is being seen worldwide, is making the scenario worse day by day. The dearth of big living spaces and large rooms is negatively affecting us, as small spaces create a feeling of suffocation and irritation. However, this problem is not without a solution. With a little bit of creativity and some easy ideas, you can make any room look spacious and bigger in no time at all. You don’t even need to invest on expensive and luxurious articles to achieve this effect. To help you in the process, we have provided some ideas on how to create a visually larger room. Go through them and envision your room getting bigger and more spacious.
Visual Tricks To Make A Room Look Larger 
  • The first step towards gaining a visually larger room is to clear all the trash and junk that you keep piling up. De-clutter as much as you can and keep basic, articles and furniture items, which do not make your room look congested.
  • The right shades and colors can play visual tricks on the eyes of the onlooker and make your room look bigger that it is. It is always advisable to use sober and neutral shades for your living room, while for your bedroom; you can experiment with a little bit of color and tone. The colors should be such that they create a feeling of openness, blending with the natural light shades. Remember that dark colors make a room look and feel smaller.
  • Smart purchase and arrangement of furniture is equally important, while trying for a visually enlarged room. It would be wise on your part if you go for multifunctional pieces and make the best use of the space available. Folding cabinets and ottomans are among the best items you can get for this purpose.
  • Play with lights and use lighted decors, adding to the natural glow of a room. Proper lighting is always refreshing and provides a sense of freedom and happiness. Arrange the room in such a way that you get ample of natural light as well. You can also make use of mirrors for the purpose. Mirrors not only add beauty and glow to a room, but also create the visual illusion of a larger space.
  • Apart from mirrors, you can also use materials that reflect light and space, like chrome, stainless steel, and so on. In addition, furniture items that go all the way to the floor, like bookcases, will create the impression of a bigger room.
  • An interesting way to create the feeling of a bigger space is by using big art pieces. A collection of small articles looks much more cluttered than the arrangement of a single, massive piece of décor. You can use your own imagination for the purpose, adding colors and shades to reflect your personality and make your room look bigger and cozier.
  • A great trick is to install tiles all across the room, in a diagonal manner. In addition, storage pieces can be placed in a vertical manner.
  • Armless pieces and furniture are also great for a visually enlarged illusion. You can opt for slipper chairs or armless sofas for the purpose.

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