If you have been longing to get a goldfish as a pet for yourself, it would be wise to learn some interesting and fun facts about the same. Explore facts about the goldfish.

Facts About Goldfish

As pets, goldfish is the most popular, some would say even more so than cats and dogs. There are many reasons for this assumption, the most important being that goldfish require very little care. Give them a bowl of fresh water and change it from time to time, and your piscine friends will be content in their little world. Of course, you should feed them at the proper timing. Unlike other pets, goldfish do not demand your time; they are, what one may say, unobtrusive. Goldfish simply lights up the room in which they are kept with their flamboyant colors and transparent fins, as they swim gaily through the water. There are plenty of exotic fish, but the allure of goldfish never seems to die down. It can safely be said that no aquarium would look complete without the customary goldfish. And if you have just got a bowl aquarium, then the only thing fish that can look good in it is a pair of goldfish. With such wonderful pets, their contribution doesn’t merely end at that. There are simply a vast number of fun and interesting information about these dainty fishes that cannot fail to amaze and wonder you. If you consider the fact that they have been kept as pets for thousands of years you can be sure that goldfish will certainly have a story that fits their glorious history. To learn more read further on the facts of goldfish.
Fun And Interesting Goldfish Facts
  • Goldfish can live for about 10 years but there have been many specimens that have lived for as long as 25 years. Tish, a goldfish, is considered to be the oldest goldfish that ever lived. Tish died at the ripe age of 43!
  • The Koi goldfish is the largest type of goldfish. All species of goldfish have been descended from the Asian Carp Fish.
  •  There are over 500 species of goldfish spread throughout the world.
  • The Chinese were the first to domesticate the goldfish. Goldfish have been domesticated by the Chinese for more than a thousand years.
  • Goldfish do not have a stomach. As such, they cannot store the food and need to eat small quantities of food frequently.
  • Goldfish are cold blooded and so their rate of metabolism depends upon the temperature of the water. They can also live in very cold water. In freezing water, the metabolism of the goldfish slows down as if it is hibernating. When the water warms up, they come back to life.
  • It is a myth that the memory of goldfish is only for a few seconds. Studies have shown that goldfish have a very good memory and are in fact quite intelligent. They are also very curious. Goldfish can be taught synchronized swimming, which would be impossible in case, they had a short term memory.
  • Goldfish can even recognize human faces and voices. They can even distinguish between different shapes, colors and sounds.
  • The scales of goldfish are transparent. The color of the fish comes from their skin. The skin of goldfish is also prone to tanning like that of humans. This is the reason as to why goldfish kept in ponds are darker than those that are kept indoors in an aquarium.
  • A group of goldfish is known as “troubling”.
  • Goldfish have a greater spectrum of visual colors. They can even see ultra-violet and infra-red light.
  • It is said that the goldfish is the most popular pet in the world, even more popular than cats or dogs.
  • Orange goldfish are more widely found than yellow goldfish. This is because the imperial family of China which bred the goldfish forbade anyone from breeding the yellow variety, as yellow was the imperial color.

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