Installing a mailbox is quite easy; all you have to do is follow the steps in a methodical manner. Check out the tips given here and know how to install/ setup your own mailbox.

How To Install A Mailbox

Installing a mailbox is not some rocket science! All you need to know is some basic steps that will help you to setup the box, so that it can withstand adverse environmental conditions. There are various designs and patterns that you can choose from and you can even make your mailbox personalized by inscribing or pasting letters and alphabets on it. Having a mailbox near the front porch or near the driveway gives a homely touch and makes the place look really beautiful. To know more on how to install a mailbox, go through the tips and instructions enlisted below.
How To Setup Your Own Mailbox
  • The first and foremost step before installing a mailbox is to plan and design the basic layout. This can be done either on paper or through the use of a system. There are innumerous patterns and designs of mailboxes and you can select one, depending on your requirements and preferences.
  • Ready-made mailboxes are easily available in any local home improvement store and you can select one that suits your taste. You can also design your own handmade mailbox, by putting together some regular 4x4 posts. However, make sure to go for some pressure-treated materials that have been protected against the elements of nature. Mailboxes are usually exposed to different elemental forces like rain, snow and wind and hence, the material used should be strong enough to provide resistance against these forces. The durability of the material should be checked prior to its purchase.
  • Purchasing a mailbox can actually be an exciting project, as there are millions of patterns, colors and designs to choose from. An addition may be some colorful letters and numbers to put up your name and address on top of the box. In fact, you can get as creative as you want and decorate your mailbox in any artistic pattern you want.
  • A very important step that most people usually overlook while installing a mailbox is the height of the box and its distance from the side of the road. This little bit of information can be easily found out by making a call to the local post office.
  • All the basic details and information being found out, it is finally time to get into action and dig the ground. The hole for putting the pole of the mailbox can be easily made by making use of a long-handled shovel. It should be kept in mind that the hole dug should be about twice the diameter of the post. This should be done so that there is enough space to fill cement, in order to keep the post firmly in place.
  • Place a few stones at the bottom of the hole and then put in the post adjusting the height as accurately as possible, as per the specifications given by the post office. The prime reason for putting the stones at the bottom is to prevent any kind of moisture or dampness from attacking at the bottom portion of the post.
  • In a small pail, mix some dry cement, sand and water, in order to obtain a gooey texture. Put some of this mixture inside the hole and using a stick, make some holes inside the mixture to release any kind of air pockets. This will also pack the down cement a little.
  • Wait for the mixture to solidify and harden a bit and then add another layer of sand, around 2 or 3 inches, on top of the cement layer.
  • Your mailbox has just been installed!

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