Washing your clothes by hand is not as difficult as it seems. If you don't believe us, explore this article and know how to hand-wash clothes easily.

How To Hand-Wash Clothes

Washing machine is one of the most neglected electrical appliances in a house. Though it serves a useful purpose, of washing our dirty linen (literally!), majority of the people do not realize its importance till the time it breaks down and goes for repair. Are you also facing a similar problem? Have the laundry bills started pinching you now? If yes, then you can explore the option of washing your clothes by hand. Though it requires some extra effort on your part, it is not too difficult and certainly much more economical than sending your clothes to the laundry every time. So, go through the following lines and know how to hand-wash clothes.
Washing Your Clothes By Hand 
  • First of all, you need to change into old clothes, on which you will not mind having soapy water. Keep in mind the fact that detergent, if left on the clothes for too long, can lead to discoloration as well. So, select the old clothes accordingly.
  • Take your clothes to a place where there will be enough running water handy. You can use a place with a shower head or even a bathtub faucet. While a sink faucet might also be used, it may prove too small to serve the purpose.
  • Next, you need to gather the supplies for washing clothes. You will need a bucket/ basin/ bathtub/ stoppable sink, big enough to hold the clothes, along with water. Along with that, you need to arrange detergent - liquid or powder.
  • Fill the bucket/ basin/ bathtub/ stoppable sink with water. In majority of the cases, water at room temperature works well. However, if you feel that the clothes are too dirty, make use of hot water.
  • Now is the time to add the detergent. If it is in liquid form, you can pour it right in. However, in case of powder detergent, it is better to dissolve it first, in a smaller amount of water, using a separate container, say a mug.
  • Add clothes to the water. If you feel that the clothes are not too dirty, rather just sweaty and smelly, slosh them around in the water, a few times. It will remove the smell and the dirt as well.
  • In case of heavily soiled clothes, you will have to slosh them for 5-10 minutes. If you feel that there are some stubborn stains, rub them with the help of a bumpy surface (not scratchy).
  • Now, leave the clothes inside the water and let them soak for 20-30 minutes. Twenty minutes will be enough for a small number of clothes, soak for 25 minutes if you have medium amount and for a big bundle of clothing, 30 minutes will be required.
  • Now, put your hands in the water and moosh the clothing around, for a few minutes, Thereafter, drain out the soapy water. Rinse each piece of clothing under running water, until the water runs clear
  • After the clothes are completely free of soap residue, squeeze out the water from them. Now, all you need to do is hang the clothes to dry, while making sure to use clothespins.

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