Catahoula Cur dogs are popular as caring companions to humans and are active by nature. Explore this article to know some really interesting facts about Catahoula leopard dog breed.

Catahoula Cur Dogs

Breed: Herding
Height: Males: 22 to 26 inches, Females: 20 to 24.
Weight: 55-80 pounds
Coat Type: Thick & Dense
Catahoula Cur dogs are known by several names, such as Catahoula Leopard dog, Catahoula Hog dog, Louisiana Catahoula Leopard dog and Catahoula Hound. These dogs have a life span of 12-13 years. They are sweet and friendly companions to their masters and his family and prove to be good housedogs. It is believed that Catahoula Cur dogs do not require any kind of training for taking care of children. They have an inbuilt caring attitude for people they love. This dog breed is known to have amazing stamina, but it needs one hour of exercise in a day. Read on to know more about this friendly dog breed.
Catahoula Leopard Dogs are believed to have descended from war dogs. One can perceive from their alternate name - Louisiana Catahoula leopard dog - that they belong to Louisiana State in America. These dogs were brought to Louisiana by Hernando de Soto, a Spanish explorer, in the 16th century. They were left behind by the explorer's party and interbred with domestic dogs, by the local natives. It is also believed that the French Beauceron and Red Wolf war dog were interbred to produce the Catahoula. The dog was also used by Indians to hunt game in the swamps. Today, it is the official state dog of Louisiana.
Catahoula Cur dogs have a single, short, dense coat in a variety of colors. Mostly, these dogs are found in black, grey and white color. They are actually solid colored dogs that have been affected by the merle gene, which dilutes a normally dark coat. Catahoula Cur dogs are found in varied textures. The short, single coat is colored in a merle or black/tan pattern. Some coats can be coarse, but most are short and tight. Color is an especially notable feature in this dog; eye color and coat color work in a very complementary and expressive way. The skull is broad and flat. The legs are solid and strong boned. The deep chest provides for good heart and lung capacity.
Catahoula Cur dogs are highly intelligent and energetic. They are assertive, but not aggressive by nature. They have a natural instinct of caring for people they adore. These dogs are referred as excellent caretaker for children. Catahoula Cur dogs do not tolerate isolation and thrive on interaction. Having a chore or job helps occupy their time. These dogs prove wonderful pets for any home, but under a dominant owner. They are also known as an independent, protective, and territorial in nature.
Genetic Disease
One of the major genetic flaws in Catahoula Cur dogs is deafness. This disease is associated with the dogs that are excessively white in color. A Catahoula that is predominantly white has an 80% chance of being bi-laterally or uni-laterally deaf. Overall, about 68% of dogs belonging to this breed are deaf in at least one ear.
Catahoula Cur dogs require minimal grooming, because of their short, single coated shape and texture. These dogs have to be bathed a couple of times in a year. They also need brushing once in a week. The nails should be trimmed regularly and the teeth kept clean. This breed is an average to light constant shedder. When nervous or stressed, these dogs have a tendency to shed more, especially when you are petting them.

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