Caring for your cast iron cookware is not too difficult, provided you are ready to follow the requisite steps. Go through this article and know how to care for cast iron cookware

How To Care For Cast Iron Cookware

In case you are a regular user of cast iron cookware, you must be aware of the difficulties that a person often has to face while caring for the same. Apart from the proper cleaning tips, you need to adopt the right storage tips as well, to make sure that the cookware is not subject to unnecessary wear and tear, especially in the form of rust. In case you are looking for some help in this context, the tips given below will surely come handy. Go through them and know how to care for cast iron cookware.
Caring For Your Cast Iron Cookware
  • Wash your cast iron cookware in hot water. The high temperature of the water will help you wash off the dirt and grease from the cookware. Another benefit of using hot water is that it dries away more quickly, as compared to cool water, and thus, would help prevent the cast iron from the danger of rusting.
  • Cast iron cookware is equipped with a healthy layer of coating. Scrubbing it too much will damage, at times even lead to the removal of, the coating. So, try to avoid scrubbing the cookware as much as possible. If it is inevitable, at least stay away from abrasive scrubbers.
  • Season your cast iron cookware on a regular basis. For the purpose, take some shortening or cooking oil and rub a thin layer over the cookware. Now, place the cookware in a warm oven, which has been turned off, and let it sit there overnight. This will help prevent the cast iron cookware from rusting and deteriorating.
  • One of the best tips that you can follow for taking care of your cast iron cookware is to keep it away from acidic foods, which can cause undue damage. Not only do they dissolve the seasoning of the pan, but also impart a metallic taste to the food cooked therein.
  • As far as possible, do not let your cast iron cookware dry on its own, after washing it. Rather, use a towel and heat to remove the moisture. Take a towel and use it wipe the cookware completely. Thereafter, place it on flame and let the heat dry it thoroughly. Now, carefully remove your cookware from the flame and store it in a dry place.
  • One of the main enemies of cast iron cookware is rust. To keep it at bay, you need to store the cookware with the lids off. This will help prevent condensation and, in turn, the formation of rust. In case rust still ends up appearing, wash the cookware with shortening.
Some More Tips
  • In order to avoid damage to your cast iron cookware, it is advisable to always use it over low heat.
  • Always make use of plastic or wooden spoons and ladles with your cast iron cookware, to prevent avoidable scratching.
  • Never ever use your cast iron cookware to store food, as it can lead to breaking down of its seasoning.
  • Do not put your cast iron cookware in the dishwasher, for cleaning purposes. At the same time, make sure not to submerge it in water, ever.

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