Planting a maple tree will provide a wonderful add-on to any garden or backyard. If you want to know the technique of how to plant maple trees, go through the article.

Maple Tree Planting

Are you lured by the vivacious colors and unique five-pointed leaves of a maple tree? Maple trees are very attractive and prove to be just the right option when it comes to enhancing your own backyard or garden. Apart from this, being the source of maple syrup, the tree has varied uses that add to its glory. However, before planting a maple tree, you need to know the basics, right from the kind of soil required for it to the area and season it should be planted in, apart from water and fertilizers requirements (if any). If you are wondering how to plant a maple tree, look no further. In the given lines, we have provided instructions required for planting maple trees, just for you.
How To Plant Maple Trees
The soil required for planting a maple tree should be high in mineral content, along with moisture level. It should provide the basic nutrients required for the tree to grow. Though a natural kind of soil is effective for growing maple plant, the importance of mycorrhizal fungi in it cannot be ruled out. This is because the latter allows better growth of maple trees
Before selecting the location for planting maple tress, make sure that it is well-drained. At the same time, it should get ample sunlight and be well-lit. An open area is the best struck deal for planting maple trees, keeping in mind the later stages of growth, when the tree attains great height.
The planting season also plays a dominant role in planting a maple tree. According to professionals, fall is the best season to plant the tree. The cool temperature of the season increases the growth of the roots.
In the initial stages, fertilizing the plant is a bad idea, as the development of the root would be restrained. The roots would take in the fertilizer-rich soil and decline to spread into the surrounding native soil. So, keep the fertilizing step for later usage.
Further Instructions 
  • Make sure that initially, you set the maple plant deeply in the soil. The hole should be wide enough to allow the roots to spread out well and easily.
  • You can add a layer of mulch around the trunk of the tree to help retain the moisture content.
  • Water the plant frequently, during the summer season. The soil during this period should have appropriate organic matter.
  • During the spring season, add extra organic matter to the soil, to avert the growth of weeds. It will also augment the quality of the soil.
  • In winters, ensure that you prune the tree and remove all the dead branches.

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