Utonagan dog is a rare breed of dog bred from five different breeds of domestic canines. Explore this article to know more about Utonagan dogs.

Utonagan Dogs

Breed: Working
Height: Male: 25-33 inches, Female: 24-26 inches
Weight: Male: 70-110 lb, Female: 55-90 lb
Coat Type: Straight and slightly coarse
A rare and new breed, the Utonagan dog makes a great pet and working dog. The dog looks very much like a wolf without actually containing any wolf content. The Utonagan dog demands great companionship and attention. When left alone, the dog is likely to develop destructive behavior and become caustic. Easy to train, the canine is always eager to please its owners. Utonagan is a healthy and agile dog and can live up to 10 to 15 years. This dog is well-suited for people who can dedicate their fulltime companionship to the dog. Read through the following lines to know more about the Utonagan dogs.
The Utonagan dog is a fairly new breed that has been bred only around the 1980s. The dog has originated from breeding of five different rescue dogs imported to UK from America in 1987. They have been selectively bred from Alaskan Malamutes, Siberian Huskies and German Shepherds among the others. Originally, these dogs were bred by Edwina Harrison who advertised them as wolf-dog hybrid, due to their resemblance to a wolf. The name Utonagan has been taken from a Chinook tale, which means ‘Spirit of the Wolf’.
The Utonagan dog is a large and well-muscled breed with a resemblance quite similar to that of a wolf. The thick double coat of the dog appears different in winter and summer. The outer coat of the dog is straight and slightly coarse on touching. The coat can be found in colors of silver grey, cream or brown with black overlay. One can also find Utonagan dogs in all white and all black. Some species are ink marked, which means white with markings of brown, silver or black that look like ink spilt on blotting paper.
Intelligent and gorgeous, the Utonagan dog makes a wonderful family dog and companion. With a sound and superb temperament, the dog easily gets along well with cats and other dogs. However, this dog is not suited for guarding as it is likely to lick strangers instead of barking or attacking them. If left unattended or when feeling bored, the breed howls every now and then to attract its owner’s attention. The dog is an exceptionally quick learner and enjoys being trained. Since the dog has a thick coat to protect itself from the cold weather in winter, the same coat can cause great difficulty in summers. Hence, the dog should not be over-exercised during summer and if required, enough water should be available for the dog. With opportunities around, the dog is likely to escape. Hence, the surrounding fence should be at least 3 times the height of the dog with the top curving inwards. Also, the fence should be dug at least a foot below the ground, as Utonagan dogs are good diggers.
Genetic Diseases
Utonagan dog is a healthy and active agile breed, but it should not be over-exercised until fully mature. Though there are no health problems concerned with this breed, the dogs should be KC/BVA hip scored and eye tested clear before breeding.
The thick coat of Utonagan dog is easy to manage. Brushing the coat twice a week is sufficient to keep the dog clean. However, the dog requires great attention during the shedding period.

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