Decorating your home in gothic style is more than just being dark and spooky. Know more on how to decorate in a Gothic style, with the tips given in this article.

How To Decorate In A Gothic Style

There is a popular belief that Gothic style decoration is all about using skulls and creating a dark and somber mood. On the contrary, the style tends to blend the spiritual with the secular, in the architecture, design and décor. It is a dark, creative, enchanting and unique style that can be arranged comfortably for friends and family, to enjoy a mystical lair. Gothic style decoration is inexpensive, yet impressive. All you have to do is keep certain basic 'fundas' in mind.  Let us explore some tips on how to decorate in a Gothic style.
Decorating Your Home In Gothic Style
Clean The Room
The first and foremost task would be to clean the room, as Gothic style and messy rooms do not mix. Remove all the unnecessary objects and make the room absolutely clutter-free. You can clean the room thoroughly using whatever means are suitable - dusting, washing, vacuuming or polishing.
Choose Your Own Style
Gothic style decoration gives you the freedom to decide on the style you want to go ahead with, regarding the decoration. Decide on a style that makes you feel safe and happy and at the same time, is appealing and attractive as well. You can create a fantasy room, dark room or any other Gothic style you like.
Paint Your Walls
In the Gothic era, the walls were generally made of stone and were usually not painted.  While creating a feel of the Gothic era, it is better to use colors like silver, deep purple, blue or gray. You can also opt for creating a mural and making a feature wall.
Use Rich Fabrics
For bedding, curtains, cushions, tapestries and upholstery, using rich fabrics will lend an authentic and stunning look to your room. As these fabrics are a bit costly, you can mix them with the less costly ones, while still retaining the stunning effect.
Beautify With Ornaments
Beautify your room by using ornaments. Use candles in silver, black, red, cream, yellow or gold colors, for a fine look. Scented candles enhance the feel of the room. You can also use candle holders to add to the decoration. For a romantic Gothic look, use plants with white or red flowers. Black silk, silver embroidery and crystal white cushions impart a relaxed and comfortable feel to the room.
Use Artwork
Show your creativity by decorating the room with beautiful paintings or mysterious artwork.
Buy A Rug
Use rugs, over wooden or stone floors, in colors suiting the room. To catch people’s attention, get something unique and striking. If expense is a concern, you can use realistic laminate floors, which resemble wood and stone. You can also use the wide array of peel and stick tiles, as they can also carry the effect quite nicely.
Use Furniture
Furniture of dark marble, stone as well as wood is good for creating the Gothic era effect. You can choose from white, black, silver, or dark, deep woody brown colors, for the furniture.
Play Music
Make sure to keep a music player in the room. Play music at all times, adding to the mysticism of the room and mystify people’s mind as well. Let your guests know what kind of musical stuff you like, by displaying your CDs.

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