For a long time, you have been thinking of the correct ways of cleaning ceilings. With the tips on how to clean ceilings given here, we will help you get the answer.

How To Clean Ceilings

In case you are planning to clean the whole house, it is better to start with the ceilings. Though a very important part of the house, they tend to be neglected by majority of the homeowners. People forget that ceilings get as dirty as the rest of the house and need regular cleaning. The process of cleaning the ceilings depends on the type of ceilings and how dirty they are. The dust from the ceilings tends to spread while cleaning. So, you will need to cover the furniture, decorative items and cooking utensils before you start cleaning them. Let us now help you get some tips on how to clean ceilings.
Tips For Cleaning Ceilings
Remove Cobwebs
Use cobweb brush to remove cobwebs that make your room look unclean. Some cobwebs are not easily visible. So, you need to reach out for the nook and corners of the ceilings, in order to wipe off any traces of cobwebs.
Dust The Ceiling Surface
Use long-handled dusters to reach the highest point of the ceilings and clean them. Try to go for the ‘magnetic’ type of duster, which optimizes dust pickup and retention.
Clean Areas Near Vents And Light Fixtures
For cleaning the dirt-prone areas near vents and light fixtures, it is good to use vacuum cleaners. Use the one with a long extension, fitted with a soft brush tip. It will prevent the dust from spreading all across the room.
Use Wet Sweeper For Oily Ceilings
Dirty and oily ceilings, as in the case of kitchen ceilings, can be cleaned using wet sweeper that are pre-treated to clear dust and grime. You can also take a sponge mop and dip it in a solution of cleaner and water. Squeeze the mop and clean to minimize the water dripping. Don’t forget to dry the ceiling, to prevent water spots from appearing.
Use Sponge Mop For Wallpapered Ceilings
For cleaning washable wallpapered ceilings, dip a sponge mop in a mild solution, of dishwashing detergent and water. Clean with the sponge mop, after squeezing it, in order to minimize water dripping, and immediately wipe the ceiling dry.
Use Vacuum Cleaner For Spray-on Textured Ceilings
For cleaning 'spray-on' textured ceilings, use a vacuum cleaner that has a long extension, fitted with a soft brush tip. If you use wet or wipe-down cleaning methods, the texture of the ceilings will be negatively affected.

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