Bathroom shelves can act as both, storage spaces and decorative elements. Read this article and learn about the different types of bathroom shelves.

Bathroom Shelves

If you find towels being piled up on the floor of your bathroom or you don’t have storage spaces for your grooming products, then installing shelves will be the best solution. Just look around your bathroom and figure out what the place actually wants - simple storage spaces to organize the clutter or those shelves that can act as decorative items for your décor. Bathroom shelves can range from the simple to the elaborate ones. They can be plain as well as ornate; expensive as well as cheap. Go through this article and learn about the various types of bathroom shelves.
Types Of Bathroom Shelves
Bathroom Mirror Shelves
Bathroom mirror shelves look extremely elegant. You may either install the single mirror bathroom cabinet or go for the very stylish mirror with glass shelf. The latter comes in a variety of shapes, including round, oval and octagon.
Wooden Shelves
One of the most popular choices, when it comes to bathroom shelves, is the wooden one. Sleek and classy, wooden shelves are perfect solution to store small items, like grooming products, in your bathroom. While installing wooden shelves, make sure that they are placed where there is no contact with water.
Corner Glass Shelves
Corner glass shelves are sleek and classy. They impart an aesthetic look to the bathroom. They come in various sizes and shapes, including rectangle, curved, square and triangle. The thickness for such shelves usually varies between 1/4-inch to 3/8-inch, which makes them easily customizable according to the desired look.
Wall Mounted Shelves
Wall mounted shelf gives you the option to mix and match various styles of shelves and brackets. They are stylish as well as practical. This type of shelving is decorative and creates a good storage space in the bathroom. These decorative shelves are available in wood and glass. You can also complement them with brackets made of aluminum, bronze or nickel.
Towel Racks
You can install towel racks in your bathroom to avoid the towels and other washcloths from being piled up on the floor. Cubby-type of shelves can also be installed to store the towels.
Wicker Bathroom Shelves
Wicker shelves are suitable for almost all kinds of bathroom set up. These shelves are available in a number of vibrant colors, such as light pink, moss green, white, light blue and yellow.
Open-Type Shelves
Open-type shelves are ideal to store hair wash items, bar soaps, shaving cream, razors and other grooming products. Keep baskets at alternative positions in the shelves, where you can keep necessities like cotton balls and hair oil. Place a couple of scented candles as well, so that the open space looks beautiful.
  • Consider the type of shelves that would suit your bathroom. Ensure that the color of the shelves coordinates the theme of the bathroom.
  • Before installing the shelves, measure the space and choose the shelf that would fit the dimensions of the spot.
  • Bathroom shelves should be durable, water-resistant and serviceable.

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