Getting rid of the little monsters creating a menace in your house should be a priority, if you don’t want to aggravate the rat problem. Explore some simple ways on how to get rid of rats.

How To Get Rid Of Rats

It can really test your patience to see the hideous rats freely roaming in the house, creating a menace. Rats are not just repulsive by appearance; they can also do you a lot of harm by contaminating your food articles. Therefore, you can't leave a rat infestation unattended and should get rid of it at the earliest, to not let the rats settle down. While a lot of people seek professional help to eliminate rats and rodents, it is equally possible to get rid of them on your own. Read the article to know some easy tips on how to get rid of rats.
Ways Of Getting Rid Of Rats
Remove Rat-Friendly Food
Rats, generally, venture out in the kitchen in search of food. Store your leftovers in metal or glass containers and take care not to leave any eatable outside. Don't use plastic containers, as rats will easily find their way into them. Keep your fruits and vegetables in the fridge and your pet food covered and in a safe place. If viable, buy a metal garbage can with a tight fitting lid and take care not to dump any organic wastes into it.
Use A Rat Trap
If you intend to catch the rats in your house, one good way is to use a cheap wooden rat trap, which you can easily get from the home stores. Keep a cotton ball inside the trap and spread pieces of apple, potato, raw bacon with peanut butter to lure the rat into it. Make sure you attach the cotton ball with the trap. Put the trap on the ground or a solid place, so that the rat is not able to drag the trap away. Ensure that the trap is safe from the reach of children or pets, or else, they may harm themselves.
Maintain Cleanliness
It is very important to maintain cleanliness in your house, especially in your kitchen, to keep rats and rodents away from your house. Rats find dirty surroundings very inviting. They hide behind the piles of wood or junk in your home and feed from the leftovers in your kitchen. Keeping your home spanking clean is a great idea to keep away the rats. Make sure that your garbage is frequently disposed off and its lid is tightly fit all the time.
 Use Ultrasonic Devices
There are ultrasonic devices available in the market, which can help you get rid of the rats. These devices emit a high pitch sound that rats find unbearable. So, there is a great chance that they will vacate your house. However, these devices may work in the beginning only. Gradually, rats may become used to the tone and re-enter your home, if they find food.
  • You can also keep a cat, dog or ferret in the house as your pet. These pets will chase the rats and keep them out of the house.
  • Poisons are not highly recommended for rat control inside buildings, as rats can die in areas that may be hard to reach and cause bad smell.
  • In case, you are using poison to kill rats, you need to be very careful to keep them out of the reach of children.

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