Find out some easy dry methods of cleaning the carpet, i.e. without the use of water or steam, in this article.

Dry Methods Of Carpet Cleaning

Having a carpet in the living room, gives a royal and sophisticated appeal to the home. Some people actually visit other people’s houses to get a glimpse of the carpet that the others have displayed. Surely carpets are the pride of our house, but only till they are new and clean. Then the unthinkable happens – your husband comes into the house with his dirty, rain-soaked shoes. He removes them and throws them carelessly on the carpet. Then, as if, that was not enough, your four-year old child spills milk on it, and your faithful old dog (man’s best friend indeed!), too old to go out and do his business, does it on your carpet (“Couldn’t he hold it till I took him to the toilet,” you say helplessly). You just sigh and dial the number of the nearest carpet-cleaning agency to rescue you. These companies use the steam cleaning method, which needs a lot of water, which means that your carpet will take a few days to dry, and you can use it only after that. Moreover, vacuuming removes dust and other dry particles, but not stains. If only, there could be a method to clean the carpets, without using water and without shelling out big bucks. Well, there actually are some such methods. Read on to find out ways to dry clean your carpet, at home.
Dry Carpet Cleaning Methods
Bonnet Cleaning
This method uses an absorbent pad (called bonnet) attached to the end of a machine that rotates. The carpet is sprayed with the preferred detergent solution. The rotating pad is used to agitate the area, thus cleaning out the dirt from it. After one side of the pad gets soiled, the pad could be reversed. When both the sides become dirty, the pad could be replaced and later cleaned. This method is put to use for the maintenance of most commercial buildings.
Absorbent Dry Powder Method
Many reputed international home improvement companies come up with these powder-like compounds that act as little dirt magnets that are to be brushed on to the carpet, after removing any obvious chunks of the dirt. The carpet is to be left like that for 15 minutes and then vacuumed. Since it is available so easily, this product is used extensively at homes, and many a homemakers swears by it.
Foam Method
There are many aerosol type foam sprays available, which are used for this method of cleaning. From one such product, the foam is sprayed on to the carpet, and the area is rubbed with dry sponge. The carpet is left to dry; once dry, the soil particles are vacuumed away. However, this method comes with the warning, that foam may leave behind residue and if, in future, you decide to get the carpet wet cleaned, this residue might interfere with the cleaning process.

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