Dutch Smoushond dogs are popular as friendly companions to humans. They are cute and lovable as well. Explore this article to know more about Dutch Smoushond dog breed.

Dutch Smoushond Dogs

Breed: Companion dogs
Height: 14-17 inches (35-42 cm)
Weight: 20-22 pounds (9-10 kg)
Coat Type: Thick & Dense
The Dutch Smoushond is a small dog breed, having a life span of 12-15 years. These dogs sport a carefree appearance, but prove to be good house guards. They don’t harm kids and thus, can be easily kept by those with children. They have a fluffy hair texture, which accounts for their cute looks. Dutch Smoushond dog breed is known to have amazing stamina and it rarely gets tired. It needs daily, long walks to keep fit and healthy. The dog loves swimming and playing with balls and other play stuff. Dutch Smoushonds serve as sweet and friendly companions for their masters and families. Read on to know more about this friendly dog breed.
The origin of Dutch Smoushonds is unknown. The appearance of the breed suggests that it partly belongs to the German Schnauzers breed. Smoushond was termed as a friendly companion in 1800’s. The breed became extinct after the end of Second World War. However, many attempts were made to save it and in the early 1970’s, it was recreated through selective breeding. Now, Dutch Smoushond breed is found in different types and temperament. A typical terrier, this dog is a gluttonous ratter, delighted to terrorize any rodent. It is mostly found in Netherlands and sometimes, is promoted abroad as well.
The Dutch Smoushond has a carefree, untidy appearance. It has a double coat of protective, rugged wiry hair, which gives it a relaxed appearance. The back legs and forelegs of the dog are thinly feathered. It has small eyes with black pigmented lids, accounting for their dark eye color. Dutch Smoushond has black nose and lips. The body of the dog has a straw-yellow color. It has well muscled legs. The ears are triangular in shape, set high on the heads. This breed has a slightly round face, with a distinct stop and a moderately long muzzle. It has cat-like feet and a well-balanced body, which firmly sticks to the ground.
Dutch Smoushond dogs are known to be friendly. They are obedient housedogs, with a charming personality. They are quiet with strangers, but very friendly towards the people they know. These dogs are considered skillful, as they have considerable adaptability. Dutch Smoushond dog breed keeps itself alert. These dogs are sober and sensitive. They are considered to be good watch dogs. They need to be scolded if they bark too much, as sometimes; barking without any reason becomes a habit. Dutch Smoushond gets along with other dogs easily. It is also easy to train.
Genetic Disease
The Dutch Smoushond has not been diagnosed with any genetic disease so far. This breed is not known to suffer from the general health diseases that other breeds suffer from, which makes it fairly healthy.
Dutch Smoushond dogs come under easy-to-care-for breed. They have a shaggy and untidy look. As per the quality of the coat, they require hair plucking by hand, twice a year. Hair from the head should not be removed, whereas from other parts, such as ears, body and pads of the feet, should be properly taken care of.

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