This article will teach you how to clean a TFT screen without damaging your mobile or computer.

How To Clean A TFT Screen

It wasn’t long since TFTs began to invade our life. Whether it was on our phones, our laptops, TVs or even the computer, it was a welcome change from the older CRT (Cathode ray tube) screen. The CRTs occupied too much space, consumed way too much electricity but still could not match up to the quality of TFTs (thin-film transistor). So, what did the CRT have over the TFT? The CRT had a strong glass coating and was easy to clean. The only Achilles heel of the otherwise strong TFT is that it is delicate and must be dealt with care. So if you are fed up with those nasty smudges on your screen and want to remove them, read on to know how to clean a TFT screen. However, if it’s LCD then you might want to take some precautions before doing so. There are several ways of doing it, some more effective than others, but we will list them all.
Ways To Clean TFT Screen 

Cleaning With Wipes
There are readymade wet/dry wipes built exclusively for TFT screens. These may not be easy to procure but offer the most effective way to clean your screen. They look like wet tissues and are simple to use; just remove them from the packaging and wipe the screen, as easy as that. 

Cleaning With Lens Solution
Using lens solution over a lint-free cloth is the ideal way to clean your screen. And if you happen to procure the necessaries then go right ahead with these steps:

  • Switch off the TFT monitor and dust it off with the dry lint-free soft cloth (like the ones used to clean eyewear and photographic lenses). Remember to gently wipe the screen. Also, do not apply undue pressure anywhere on the screen.
  • Ensure screen is static free and sufficiently cool for further cleaning.
  • Spray a little isopropanol-free lens cleaning solution to a clean lint-free cloth. Make sure the cloth is only moist and not damp. Gently wipe the screen of all grime and smudges.
  • Finally, use a dry portion of the cloth to wipe off all the remaining moisture before it seeps into the screen. 

Cleaning With Homemade Solution
If you cannot procure ready-made lens cleaning solution then you can make your own. There are several solutions you can cook up that work with varying degrees of effectiveness. Also, the solution should be concocted with care and it may take several tries before arriving at the best concentrations. The solutions you can make up are: 

Distilled Water
Distilled water is free of minerals, so cleaning your TFT with it won’t leave any mineral deposits. The best way to procure distilled water is by collecting rainwater. However, if you don’t have a jar of distilled water lying around and cannot wait for the next time it rains, then you might want to check out the other homemade solutions explained below. These are also more effective than distilled water.

Dilute Solution
Although it is strongly advised not to use ammonia or acid based solutions to clean your TFT, you may use these in little concentration, as it’s the only way off effectively removing all the grime from your screen. Ideally, your solution should be made of 1 part ammonia/vinegar and 50 parts water. However, you may spike the acid/ammonia concentration a little more to get better results.

Precautions And Tips
Regardless of what technique you use, there are some precautions you need to keep in mind before attempting to clean your screen. 

Use Soft Cloth
If you aren’t using wipes to clean your screen and instead have a solution that you intend to use on a cloth, then it would be ideal if that cloth was made of soft cotton material or other lint-free material. Using other cloth-materials with rougher textures and loose fibers will only leave a trail of fibers across your screen. 

Turn Off The Monitor
Cleaning the screen with the TFT is turned on only means that there will be a lot of static across the TFT’s surface. This will make cleaning even harder to accomplish, as the static will draw more dust and cloth fibers onto the screen’s surface. 

If In Doubt, Test The Solution
Different solutions react differently with your screen. While some may not work at all, others may be so potent that they may corrode your plastic or cause it to yellow instantly. If you’re in doubt, then use the solution over a small part of the screen to gauge its reaction. If it’s safe and does the job of cleaning your screen then it’s a good sign that the solution will work effectively. 

Apply Gentle Pressure
Regardless of whether you use a soft cloth or a wet wipe, use only gentle pressure against the plastic surface as you rub the cleaning material against it. Applying undue pressure will lead to scratches. 

Use Atomizer And Never Spray Directly On Screen
If you aren’t using the first method described, then we urge you to bottle your solution in an atomizer to create fine mist like particles. Spray the solution onto a cloth and never directly on the screen. 

Immediately Dry The Wet Screen
In the case of TFTs, moisture seeps easily into the screen through capillary action and causes irreparable damage. If you’ve just cleaned your screen using some solution and there are wet patches all over the display, it would be prudent to dry the screen quickly before the moisture is given a chance to seep inside.

Remember, prevention is better than cure. So, protecting your TFT with a screen protector or abstaining from touching it often is much better than having to clean it regularly.

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