To know how to clean flat screens read the article given below. Given below are some tips to clean a flat screen monitor.

How To Clean Flat Screens

Flat screen monitors have become an indispensable part of the modern lifestyle. They are found in every household in different forms. Flat screens can be in the form of TV screens, computer screens, LCD monitors, or LCD notebooks. All these techie devices are decked with glistening flat screen monitors. This calls in for the requirement of keeping them clean. Flat screens require care while cleaning as their surface is quite sensitive and easily prone to scratches and damage. Apart from the basic cleaning process, make sure you dust them regularly so that they do not accumulate dirt. Moreover, cleaning these devices is also necessary as dust accumulation can damage them permanently. To know how to clean flat screens, read the tips that follow.
Tips to Clean a Flat Screen
  • Before cleaning any flat screen surface, which might be your TV, computer or LCD notebook, make sure that you disconnect the power to the same. This is very necessary from safety point of view. Also, ensure that auxiliary devices, like DVD players and cable boxes, are unplugged from the system.
  • Apart from this, the dark surface of the screen allows you to see the smudges and dirt better, enabling you to clean it properly.
  • Always use either lukewarm water or a cleaning solution to clean a flat screen surface.
  • The commercial cleaning kits available in the market include both a cloth and cleaning solution for the purpose. Make sure you choose only the specified cleaning solution specially formulated to clean flat screens. Usually, they are labeled safe for the same.
  • Also, you can make your own solution at home. Mix in equal parts of water and vinegar in a bottle.
  • To a bowl of water, add a teaspoon of isopropyl alcohol to make your own screen cleaner, if your screen has a tendency of collecting a number of fingerprints.
  • Moisten a soft cloth, preferably chamois, micro fiber or 100 percent cotton, with either lukewarm water or cleaning solution.
  • Wipe the surface of the flat screen with this cloth. Just a gentle wiping is enough. Do not rub, scrub and put hard pressure on the surface as it can damage the screen and cause the pixels to die or burn out.
  • Use any multipurpose cleaner to clean the plastic edges surrounding the screen. However, care must be taken lest the liquid gets in touch with the screen.
Additional Tips
  • Never use toilet paper, paper towels, tissue paper, or a shirt to wipe clean the flat screen. These ultra-soft materials may not benefit the screen, rather they can cause scratches on the display, thus interfering with your viewing experience.
  • Cloths designed for cleaning eyeglasses or camera lenses can also be used as they are specially made for cleaning glass without leaving behind any scratches or lint.
  • Do not use cleaning products that contain any of the following chemicals as one of their ingredients – ammonia, ethyl alcohol, toluene, ethyl acid, acetone, or methyl chloride. Such chemicals tend to react when mixed with materials that the flat screen constitutes, thus leading to yellowing of the screen or resulting in other damage.
  • Always stay off from spraying liquid directly onto the screen of an LED, LCD or plasma monitor. Chances are that the liquid may seep inside the monitor casing and damage it.
  • Special screen wipes available at most computer stores can also be purchased.
  • Whenever you are in doubt regarding the use of cloth or chemicals, refer to the dos and don’ts mentioned in the owner’s manual provided with your product.


With the above cautious steps, you can keep your flat screen clean and enjoy a better picture, with improved clarity and quality, thereby extending its life.

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