Give your books and library a fresh and new look by following a thorough cleaning procedure. Explore this article to learn tips on how to clean a library.

How To Clean A Library

Libraries are one of the most isolated areas of a home, especially if you do not make frequent visits to them. As a result, they are filled up with huge amounts of dust, grime and grunge. More so, you do not want to clean them as your library contains some of your most prized possessions. However, if you could only wonder how many of them you could sell or donate to the needy, you would be surprised to find that your cleaning job would be half done. Most people consider dusting and cleaning a library as one of the most demanding and strenuous jobs to do. But doing this task is as easy as cleaning any other room. This will only give you another excuse to slip into the library and spend some more time with your books. Only a word of caution! Do not use too much of water to clean your books. You wouldn’t want your books to run down with tears, right! Follow the tips below to clean your library.
Cleaning Your Library
Prepare The Library
Before you begin with cleaning your library, remove books from the shelves and place them on a separate chair or small table near the bookcase. Also, gather all your supplies you would need to clean the library.
Begin From The Top
Often, bookshelves and books are visited by bookworms and spiders. Thus, you will surely find spiders in any of the dark corners rarely visited by you. To make it worse, you can also find spider webs, left by one of the ex-resident spiders, full of dust and dead flies. To get rid of both spiders and spider webs, you have to wrap a clean and dry duster with a soft cloth or tea towel. Thereafter, sweep up the cobwebs. Next, remove the duster from the broom and scoop out any live spiders onto a sheet of paper or dustpan. Carry it out and let it continue its work elsewhere.
Start Dusting
The biggest and most important job in cleaning a library is dusting it thoroughly to get rid of all dirt, grime, and stains. Get hold of some dusters and a small bucket of warm water. Wet dusters with water and squeeze out all the possible water from it. Start off from the top of the shelf if your shelf has one. If required, dust the top several times wetting the duster and squeezing out repeatedly, until all the dirt has been removed. Next, is the main shelf that stores all your precious books. Wipe the shelf neatly and allow it to dry completely before you put back the books.
Clean The Books
Remove the jackets from the hardcover of the books. Clean each jacket and hardcover with a soft, dry cotton cloth. Attach the small, soft brush to the end of the vacuum hose and vacuum all the sides of the books. Thereafter, remove any filth or grime from the front and back covers using a slightly, damp cloth. Allow the covers to dry completely and replace back the jackets on the books. Put back the books into their place.
Clean The Tables
You would find lots of paper bits lying or scattered over the tables in libraries. Further, pencil and pen marks cover up most of the table space. Remove pencil marks using an ordinary eraser. Follow up by rubbing the table marks with good old warm, soapy water. Spray dilute vinegar or dilute vodka over biro marks and rub them generously. If you still find some permanent marks on the table, sponge it off using undiluted vodka, rubbing alcohol, or methylated spirit.
Vacuum The Library
Remember, cleaning the library does not end with the shelves, books and the tables alone. You actually need to clean the entire room, when you think of cleaning the library. Or else, the whole effort would go in vain. To finish off with cleaning your library, vacuum the entire library floor and furniture. Clean the tables, chairs, lamps, and flooring. If you find dust on the walls, dust them with a clean cloth and follow up with a squeezed damp sponge. Your library would look spanking new! Happy reading!

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