Cleaning your gas oven regularly can keep it looking spanking new, just as it was the day you bought it. Follow the tips given here to learn how to clean a gas oven.

How To Clean Gas Oven

The very mention or thought of cleaning your gas oven overwhelms you and brings you down with goose bumps. Considered to the most daunting cleaning task in your entire home, everyone looks out for excuses to keep away from the kitchen to clean that dirty and grungy gas oven. As such, most housewives prefer choosing ovens with self-cleaning features, which, in turn, demand cleaners that contain harsh chemicals and extreme heat to work. This only makes the cleaning process risky and time consuming. Nonetheless, there is a less-tiring and easier task that can give your gas oven a fresh and new look in no time. Read on further to find those helpful gas oven cleaning tips.
Gas Oven Cleaning Tips
Gather Cleaning Gear
Before you proceed towards cleaning your gas oven, it is best to get the appropriate gear. Wear a full-sleeved shirt and full-length pant. Slip on thick rubber gloves to prevent your hands from getting dirty or hurt. Also, put on an apron, if you have, and wear sunglasses to protect your eyes. It is best to take precautions and keep yourself away from any accidents.
Disassemble The Parts
Your entire gas oven constitutes a gas stove top with burners, burner grates, burner caps, etc. Carefully remove all the detachable parts and immerse them in the dish washing solution prepared in a tub. If the knobs do not come off, clean the knobs and other parts with a soft cloth dipped in a soapy solution. Make hot soapy water in a tub and immerse the drip pans in it. Leave them submerged for an hour. Thereafter, scrub them with steel wool and rinse with clean running water. Pat them dry and set aside.
Clean The Racks
Open the oven door and pull out the racks. Remove them from the oven and place them in a large tub covered with a towel. Pour in enough hot water till the racks are completely submerged. Add ¼ cup of dish washing liquid. Leave the racks immersed for one hour and clean them, henceforth, with a steel wool. Wash them and pat dry.
Scrub Gas Stove Top
Soak a piece of steel wool in tepid soapy water and scrub the base of the burners till you remove all the food stains and grime. Using a clean sponge, absorb all the loose debris and rinse off the soap using a wet cloth.
Clean The Oven Door
Once each of the oven components is cleaned, leaving the oven door dirty would be quite unfair. After all, it is the door that allows us to take a peep into the food that is thrown in for cooking. As such, a lot of grease and oil films develop on the oven door. Simple to clean, soak a soft cloth with oven cleaning spray and rub the door to get rid of the dirt. Dip a sponge into soapy water and scrub the door generously to soak all the loose dirt. Clean the door with a clean damp sponge to get a clear and shimmering oven door as fresh as new. Pat dry using a soft dry cloth.
Reassemble The Oven
After you have cleaned every nook ‘n’ corner of the gas oven, it is time to reassemble back the parts. Place all the detached parts in their respective positions firmly. You now have a squealing sparkling and gleaming gas oven. Can anyone guess you have a decade-old oven? Nah!

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