Talcum powder, apart from being used for conventional purposes, can also be used for less conventional purposes as well. Read your way through this article to discover the uses of talcum powder.

Talcum Powder Uses

If you are the kind of person who has for all time thought that talcum powder can only be used for cosmetic purposes, you have no idea how wide off the mark you have been. While talcum powder can without doubt be used for cosmetic purposes, this does not mean that it can be used only for cosmetic purposes. There are quite a number of uses for talcum powder and the best part about almost all of these uses is that they can be very well employed in your day-to-day life. It is not that the uses of talcum powder are limited only to a factory or a plant, the uses of the same can transcend from the assembly line to the comfort of your home. Make a premeditated move and read on to build yourself a tower of familiarity with the more popular and less well-liked uses of talcum powder.

Uses Of Talcum Powder
  • Ever thought that ceramic mixtures and talcum powders can go together? Well, they sure can and here’s how. When you add talcum powder to ceramic mixtures, the talcum powder will prevent the glaze from cracking and this definitely is a good thing. This also helps explain why talc always is an ingredient that goes into the making of wall tiles, bathroom tiles, tableware and other such ceramic products.
  • If the floor you are almost always stepping on churns out myriad squeaky sounds, the best way to get the better of this issue is to sprinkle some talc onto the floor. Voila! With the sprinkling of the talcum powder, the squeaky sounds should be gone! The talcum powder will help cut down on the friction and thus ultimately also help eliminate the squeaky sounds. However, make it a point to not use too much of talc on your floor or you might just end up falling!
  • If you are facing problems when trying to untie a shoelace, there is a way out of the woods for you here. Just sprinkle some talcum powder onto the hard knot and before you know it, the stubborn knot would have given in. Surprisingly, talcum powder can also be used to untangle jewelry!
  • In the polyethylene bag industry, talc is as good as huge. When plastic bags are made, talc is used as an agent that makes it extremely easy for the two faces of the plastic bag to be separated. Apart from this very specific use, talc is also used in the plastic food packaging industry to help reduce the weight of products.
  • If you have a shirt or a dress that you want to wear, but can’t because of an ugly grease stain, there is a way of getting rid of this stain and it involves talc. Begin by sprinkling some talc onto the affected spot and then rub it with your fingers. Allow the talc to sit on the shirt or dress for a day and then rub off the powder gently with a brush, your stain should be almost if not completely invisible now.
  • If you are into sports and sweat a lot, or if you just generally sweat a lot, talc can come to your rescue. To keep sweat at bay, it is best to use talc on your body. For best results, just sprinkle some talc onto your body before getting ready to go out somewhere. This also helps explain why most athletes almost always sprinkle some talc onto their bodies before suiting up for their respective sports.
Now, that you are done with reading on the lesser known uses and not-so-lesser known uses of talcum powder, feel free to adopt and benefit from the uses of talcum powder.

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