Baby powder can be put to far more number of uses than one can care to think of. Read below to know more on baby powder uses.

Baby Powder Uses

Though many people would find it hard to believe, it is a fact that there are infinitely more uses to baby powder than using it to dry a baby’s bums and keeping the same rash-free. Perhaps the best use of baby powder, in fact any form of powder, is to absorb moisture and reduce friction. In this, baby powder is far more effective than other talcum powder because the former is finer and has far lesser health risks than talcum powder. Therefore, it is wiser to use baby powder even by adults as most of the baby powders are composed of cornstarch rather than talc. Most commonly, baby powder is used to prevent diaper rash in babies. The powder reduces the friction caused by the diaper on the skin, thus preventing rashes. In addition, it also absorbs the moisture, which prevents any fungal infection. So, if you are looking to put your baby powder into more uses, then go through the various uses of baby powder given below.

Uses Of Baby Powder

  • Ants cannot bear baby power, so, it can be used as an effective remedy for pest infestation caused by ants. Simply sprinkle baby powder in all those areas from where ants come in or frequent. The ants won’t cross over the baby powder.
  • Rubbing baby power in the furs of pets like dogs and cats can help in removing the offending smell characteristic of them. The powder will also make the fur look better. Make sure that you rub the baby powder on their coat really nicely and then give a through brushing.
  • Sprinkle baby powder on the skin before shaving with an electric razor. This will minimize the chances of friction burn.
  • Grease stains can be removed through baby powder. As soon as you stain a fabric, dab it with baby power and continue doing so until the stain fades. Then brush off the powder.
  • Sometimes rubber gloves can be quite tough to put on. To make them slip on easily in your hand sprinkle a little bit of baby powder in the gloves and thereafter put them on.
  • To fix squeaky floor boards, simply sprinkle generous amounts of baby power between the floor boards and into the cracks. The boards won’t squeak again.
  • To preserve books from mildew, sprinkle baby powder between the pages and let them sit for a few days. Thereafter, use a soft brush to brush the powder away. The books will be safe from mildew.   
  • Complicated knots from necklaces, neck ties and ropes can be untangled by sprinkling baby powder on them as the powder acts like a lubricant.
  • Sand and dust constantly sticks to the body. Apply baby powder on the body and then simply dust off. This will remove the sand and dust. If your child or clothes are heavily soiled with wet sand then apply a large dose of baby power and then brush off. The powder will absorb the moisture and then the sand can be easily brushed off.
  • You can use baby powder to freshen up your pet litter box. Every time you clear the litter box, apply baby powder. This will dispel any odor coming out from it. 
Aren't you surprised by the numerous uses that baby powder boasts off? Put your baby powder to use in any of the above mentioned circumstances and watch how this never-thought-about product do various tricks!

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