Behold! Pet sitting is here! Now, you can stop worrying about your pet the next time you have to leave it behind, for the pet sitters will take care of your beloved with homely love.

How To Pet Sit

It had been a long week at work and the weekend has just arrived. You have an important wedding to attend which you cannot possibly get out of. You convince your children it will be fun. You convince your wife that it will not be that bad. You order your dog to stay, but he wants to go anyways. But you can’t take him along with you. So, while leaving for the wedding, you pat him. He gives you a nice hug and a lick. Since everything seems okay, you roll off for the destination along with your wife and children. It turns out to be a perfect wedding for you, but a nightmare of a time for your dog. While you rejoiced at the wedding, your dog cried for being alone. You had a feast of a meal, while he chewed everything he could lay his canine teeth on. You danced at the reception and sang in glory, while he jumped on your couch and bed and barked in vain. Upon returning, tables turn as it becomes a gala of a time for your dog (now that he does not have to stay alone) and a nightmare of a time for you cleaning up that mess. Weeks pass by until the time most dreaded by you yet again arrives. Another weekend, and another wedding. But you don’t want to give it a second thought? All are staying home this weekend, no matter even if it meant losing the friendship of some of your trusted buddies! What if we tell you that you can go to the wedding and still come back to your home the way you left it? No, you don’t have to take your dog with you. You can leave him at home and have him a pet sit. Yes, you heard it right! Pet sitting is the in thing now. You can either leave your canine companion at home with the pet sitter or call in the pet sitting service and have them take away your dog for the weekend of grooming and playing with many from his species. Many professional pet sitting services have opened up. However, before you jump off your chair, there are certain things that you need to know about pet sitting.
Pet Sitting Tips
For The Owners
Choosing The Right Person/Service
It is absolutely mandatory to leave your pet behind, with someone who loves animals and is not rendering his/her service just for some greens. As doing so can cause harm to both the pet and the pet sitter. You don’t want your pet to turn hostile and attack the sitter and you don’t want your sitter to get agitated and hurt your precious little pet in any ways. Before you call in the services or the pet sitter, make sure that the person is doing it out of love first and money later.
Bio Data
Provide all the necessary details about your pet to the pet sitter or the service like – what is the diet, how often do you feed your pet, what is it that your pet gets scared of, what ticks it off, how to discipline your pet, and so on. Tell the pet sitter every important detail there is to know.
Get Things Straight
The pet sitter is not there to enjoy other benefits at your house. While it is acceptable that he or she may use your phone, TV, microwave, or your pc for a little while; he is there to look after your pet. And looking after means taking it for a walk, keeping an eye on it all the while, and cleaning after the mess it makes. The whole purpose of having a pet sitter would be defeated if he/she is only interested in using your personal belongings and not your pet.
For The Pet Sitters
  • Take every detail about the pet or pets you’re going to sit, lest you get yourself bitten. Ask how many pets you have to look after and for how much time. Ask the owners about how to discipline the pet(s). Ask the owners about the diet, how many times do you have to take the pet out for a walk, what are the medications that need to be provided, and how often should you feed the pet.
  • Do keep an eye on the pet as much as possible. Try to keep it in sight.
  • Don’t beat up the pets in order to discipline them. Be gentle and loving.
  • Clean up after their mess before you leave.
With pet sitting available for your beloved pet, there’s no need for you to be worrying about a dirty pet and a chewed up couch, while you are away for the weekend!

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