If you’d thought banana peels only to be discarded in the bin or make people fall, think again. Discover some creative ways to reuse a banana peel, in this piece.

Banana Peel Uses

Ahh, the bananas! One of the most beneficial and easy to consume fruits! Peel off the skin and gulp the moist, soft, and juicy bananas down your throat. As you savor the fruit, where does the banana peel go? Right into the garbage bin. The next time you pick a banana to dig into, save the peel as this article illustrates different ways to reuse banana peels. Most people are under the common belief of banana peels being treated as trash or make people slip. But, not anymore. Did you know the skin, apart from the fruit itself, helps in treating various skin problems and flourishes your garden plants? Apart from the banana itself, the peels, too, are rich in potassium, calcium, and vitamin D. Find out a few genius and indigenous ways to recycle the slippery guys and use them. Take a look!
Ways To Uuse A Banana Peel 
  • Use banana peels to get rid of psoriasis. Simply massage the inner side of the peel on the affected skin areas. Initially, you’ll find the skin turning red, but with consistent use, you’ll see a change in the skin.
  • Tired of trying numerous medicines and visiting dermatologists to treat the ugly acne? Try massaging the inner portion of the banana peels onto the affected areas and see effective results in a few days’ time. Apply in the night so that you’ll not have to smell the banana throughout the day.
  • Planning for a camping or trekking holiday this summer? Put in some bananas while packing your stuff. For if you get a poison ivy rash, you can peel off the bananas and use the inner portion of the skin to rub on the affected areas. This will reduce itching and inflammation. Repeat as required until the condition improves.
  • If you suffer from warts, then use banana peels to see effective results in a week’s time. Massage the inner portion of the peel onto the lump/wart before going to bed. This treatment has been very effective for curing the planter’s warts; hence, you can very well try this remedy on other warts as well.
  • Bring back the lost shine and luster on your silverware and leather items, such as shoes, purses, jackets, sofas, and so on. Simply rub the inside of the banana peel on any item and buff it with a dry and soft lint-free cloth or paper towel. You’ll have your old items turn into new ones bought straight from the store.
  • Treat allergies, skin irritation, and skin bruises by taping the banana peels on the affected areas and leave overnight. The chemicals in the peels will help in getting rid of the itching sensation.
  • If you happen to hurt yourself and cannot find an antiseptic cream, do not worry. The banana peels will help in the healing process. Rub the wounds with the peels and allow them to cure.
  • To remove splinters, cover it with a piece of the inside of the banana peel. Tape it over and let the enzymes work in dissolving and sealing the wound.
  • Longing for soft and supple skin? Rub the inner portions of banana peels on your face before you recline to bed in the night and leave it overnight. Wash it off with warm water in the morning. 
These are some creative and unusual ways of reusing banana peels. The next time you eat a banana, think twice before throwing out that peel!

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