Is that piece of adhesive from your band-aid lingering around for quite a long time now? This article instructs you how to easily remove adhesive from your skin.

Removing Adhesive From Skin

You took all the care while repairing the broken heel of your favorite pair of stilettos. But alas! You ended up applying some strong adhesive onto your fingers, while fixing the sandal. Did you know that a drop of a strong adhesive is enough to make you land at the emergency operation theater’s table to get your glued fingers separated? Imagine what panic does a teensy weensy drop of glue create! Apart from bonding adhesive, even the brown-colored adhesive that stays back while peeling off a bandage looks weird and ugly. You might leave them on for few days under the impression that the water would slowly wash it off. But every glimpse of that adhesive on your skin leaves you trembling. So, here’s how you can remove any sticky adhesive that accidentally clings onto your skin.
How To Remove Adhesive From Skin
Warm Compress
Apply the warm compress over the entire bandage for about 30 seconds. Remove the bandage slowly and wash the skin with warm water. In case the wound is large and you do not want to wet it, blow hot air from a hair dryer over the bandage for about 1-2 minutes and gradually peel off the bandage.
Vegetable Oil
Vegetable oil, baby oil, and almond oil are highly effective in removing adhesive left over the skin from a bandage or glue bottle. Take some oil on a cotton ball or washcloth and spread it around the bandage. Leave it on for sometime. Treat the sticky adhesive by massaging the oil into the affected skin. Clean with warm water and pat dry.
Petroleum Jelly
To get rid of adhesive using petroleum jelly, you’ll also need a nail file with a fine grit to do the task. Apply some petroleum jelly to the skin and massage gently for around 2 minutes. With the help of the nail file, start rubbing the adhesive off the skin. This will easily remove the adhesive without damaging your skin underneath. Alternatively, you can use lip balm containing petroleum jelly if you do not have pure petroleum jelly.
Nail Polish Remover
Dab some fingernail polish remover onto a cotton swab and apply it on to the skin with adhesive. Leave it for a few seconds until you find the glue softening. Wipe it off with a clean cotton ball. However, do not use nail polish remover on wounded or sensitive skin.
Isopropyl Alcohol
Isopropyl alcohol is another ointment that helps in removing adhesive off the skin effectively. Drop some alcohol on a cotton cloth or swab and apply it to the skin. You will see the adhesive getting dissolved immediately. Clean the skin with a soft washcloth to get relief from the stickiness of the adhesive.
Adhesive Removal Pads
Medical adhesive removal pads are easily available at most medical stores and pharmacies. They are made commercially to remove adhesives from skin caused by bandages. In case any of the above methods fail to clean off the adhesive from your skin, use these adhesive removal pads.
Now that you have discovered how to easily remove adhesive from your skin, the next time you are literally stuck, you know what exactly needs to be done.

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