If you’re wondering why your house looks like it was robbed when all your belongings are right there, know that you're looking at the clutter you yourself made. Read on for tips to organize clutter.

How To Organize Clutter

Waking up in the morning is a tiresome job in itself and waking up in the morning to a sight that your room got hit by a tornado, while you were asleep, is gruesome as well as exhausting. If you’re one of those people who wake up from under the pile of junk they themselves created and then wonder “what the hell happened to this place?” know that you are in a big mess, quite literally, all thanks to your effortless endeavors for cleanliness! All that clutter in your room is bound to create a hotchpotch in your mind, leaving your thought processes jammed for the rest of the day. Wondering what needs to be done? Raise the white flag and surrender to the chaos or become a sociopath and start throwing your belongings out on the street just because you are all up to clear that mess? No! You just need to find a little time and follow a series of organized steps to make your life clutter-free. And if this is done, know for sure that you would be waking up to a bright and happy sunshine one day. Here are some helpful tips for organizing that clutter effectively. Read on.
Tips On Organizing Clutter
Get Rid The Junk
There is probably a lot of junk just sitting there in your room which you know you don’t need, but are too lazy to throw them away. Half of that clutter is probably due to that - unwanted pamphlets, old newspapers and magazines, disgusting dirty used-up tissue papers, paper mails, menus of restaurants that are now closed, and so on. Clearing this up will definitely open up a lot of space in your sweet little room that your mommy built up for you.
Use Your Wardrobe
First things first, the floor is not for keeping your clothes and the wardrobe is not meant for hiding away from your girlfriend or wife. There’s a reason why a wardrobe is called a wardrobe and a floor is called a floor. Help yourself, come out of the wardrobe, pick up your clothes from the floor and put them into your wardrobe, neatly. Don’t just stuff them. Organize your clothes and make sets. Place each of the set where it rightly should be. Keeping things where they belong is an easy way to manage clutter.
Make Your Bed Every Morning
Every morning, does your bed give you the feeling that you went into a freestyle wrestling competition with a pig on it? Start making your bed as a routine. Deal with whatever seems out of place, right from putting those pillows by your head side, to brushing off the dust, and straightening those tiny oceanic waves formed on the bed sheet that seems hit by a cyclone. Doing this on a daily basis will clear up the clutter and make your room look a lot nicer and cleaner.
Set Cleaning Tasks
Depending on how severe a clutter you make, set aside weekly or fortnightly cleaning days to get rid off that mess. Do your laundry and get the stink and stains out of your clothes. Vacuum your floor, your carpet, your bed, your couch and everything you can lay your hands onto. Dirty and messy room radiates negative energy. So, get rid of the disorder before you become all negative and depressed.
Hire House Boy/ Maid
Too lazy to do all that or too busy to get time off from those long hours at work - hire a house boy or a maid to do these daily chores for you, while you sit back and relax or work your brains off at the office. You’re bound to have a pair or two of your favorite clothes that you had given up from your list and tagged, ‘missing’. However, make sure that the maid or the house boy is a reliable person, lest you start losing on your expensive stuffs on the name of cleaning.
Adhere to these tips to organize clutter and avoid the mess. Have a clutter-free life!

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